What Should I Consider When Replacing Kitchen Counter Tops?

What should I consider when replacing kitchen counter tops? The most popular products that are on the market are going to be granite or natural stone countertops. When clients ask him "What should I consider...

When clients ask him "What should I consider when replacing kitchen counter tops?"; Jason Flippo, who is the owner and president of Signature Home Improvement Inc, which is a business that concentrates on remodeling kitchens and living areas, says, "The most popular products that are on the market are going to be granite or natural stone countertops. We carry those. There's a brand called Style Stone that we carry which is natural quartz that has the granite look to it. They're very comparable price wise."

One of the most important aspects of any kitchen is the functionality of the room. It has been said that a perfect lay-out puts all of your major use areas in a convenient triangle. Whenever possible, try to have things that are used together, grouped together. Such as the dish storage cabinets close to the dishwasher and sink for easy loading and unloading or the cooking spices stored close to the stove and the baking ingredients within easy reach of the preparation area. Once you have made a plan that is to your liking, it's time to move onto the fun part - shopping!

The material that you choose for your counter tops is also a major component that contributes to the convenience factor of your kitchen. The book "Home Project Manager: Kitchen Planner", published in 1997 by Cowles Creative Publishing, says, "Your countertops will play a big part in how your new kitchen looks- and in how well it works for you. There are many materials to choose from, each with its own distinctive look. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages as well in terms of performance, ease of installation, maintenance and cost. For the long run, you should consider the amount of time you are willing to put into maintaining and protecting your countertops from kitchen hazards such as sharp knives and casseroles straight out of the oven. Before you invest in new countertops, be sure to actually see and touch the materials from which they are made. The look and feel of the countertop can set the mood for the whole kitchen...Shop around to learn about new colors, patterns and materials."

A counter top cannot be easily swapped out in the future, like re-covering your wall or buying a new dish set. Even appliances, though expensive, can be changed with little, if any demolition. Since it is not recommended to try painting any type of countertop, you are even more "stuck" with the one you choose then you are even with cabinets, which you can eventually re-face if they remain in good shape. So, choose your new kitchen counter tops wisely, planning for a long-term relationship with them. Jason remarks, "Many more people are deciding to remain in their house and fix the house up versus moving out."

If you like the look and functionality of a certain material that is more expensive, it doesn't mean that you have to disregard it completely if it doesn't fit into your budget. The "Home Project Manager: Kitchen Planner" says, "Also consider the possibility of combining countertop materials. In a laminate countertop, for example, areas for chopping foods, rolling dough, and resting hot pots can be created by insetting a material appropriate to these tasks- like stone or ceramic."

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