Should I Dye Or Color My Hair?

There are many factors involved in making the decision to dye or color your hair. A quick look at the basic three types of haircolor. Which type fits into your lifestyle? Is haircoloring for you?

Some of the most common reasons to color your hair are to renew, brighten, cover gray, or change your natural hair color. Once you have decided why you want to change your hair color; the next step is to decide what type of hair color you'd like to use. There are several different types of hair color. We will take a look at the basic three types of haircolor. They are available at large department stores.

The first type is semi-permanent hair color. It does not contain peroxide, or ammonia. It doesn't usually damage your hair. This type, ever so slightly, enhances your natural hair color. You can reasonably expect this type of product to cover up to 50% of your gray hair. The color lasts for 6-12 shampoos only.

The next type is demi-permanent hair coloring. It has a low peroxide level and no ammonia. So, it will not likely cause any damage to your hair. However, if it would happen to occur, it would be very minimal. It blends and covers your gray hair up to 80% approximately. It will last up to 24 shampoos. This type of hair coloring fades gradually all over.

The third type is permanent hair coloring. It usually contains both peroxide and ammonia. It covers gray hair the best. If you have resistant gray hair; treat those areas first. Leave it on as long as the manufacturer recommends for this particular problem. Permanent hair color can be used to lighten your natural hair color up to a couple of shades lighter. It does not wash out! The drawbacks to this type of coloring are that your hair can be damaged or you could be allergic to the harsh chemicals. Always read the precautions on the haircoloring kit or the enclosed instruction sheet precautions before using a product. It is very wise to do a strand test and an allergy test before coloring your hair.

I try to make sure the kit I'd like to purchase, (especially if it is a permanent hair coloring kit) has a conditioner included. It is worth paying alittle more extra money to have the special conditioner to apply to your hair immediately after using permanent hair coloring. You hair, most likely is damaged and needs the extra care. (Unless you like your hair to possibly feel like straw.) Permanent hair color grows out. You will definitely notice new hair growth signaling you to touch-up your roots. Touch-ups are recommended every 4-6 weeks. It depends on how quickly your hair grows.

There are panels or charts on most hair coloring kit boxes to help you imagine what color of hair your hair will be if using a particular shade. You must also take into account the color of your complexion. You want to choose an appropriate color to complement your features and coloring.

I have two final tidbits of advice. If you are pregnant or think that you are pregnant; ask your doctor if it is safe to color your hair. If you are a mature woman, remember to go a shade or two lighter as you gracefully age. It will make you look more youthful and elegant.

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