Should I Hire An Attorney To Help With The Personal Injury Claim?

Should I hire an attorney to help with the personal injury claim? An attorney has the right to speak for you. This is important in personal injury claims. Otherwise, the insurance can use something you say as fact. Attorneys help protect their clients.

Yes! Do not try to evaluate an accident yourself. There are a lot of different factors in filing a claim. Don't try to talk to the insurance company first. You may say something wrong. The two biggest reasons to hire an attorney are having an agent speaking for you and being informed so you can make good decisions. If you speak for yourself, everything that you say is deemed "an admission." That is a legal term for saying 'straight from the horse's mouth.' They can legally hold you to whatever you say. So if you misspeak or remember facts incorrectly by accident, you may be held to your initial answer. It makes your mistake hard to take back, in fact, it's almost impossible. However, if you have an attorney speaking for you, he can be your voice. This is why most attorneys do not represent themselves, they get an attorney to act as their agent.

The second reason you want to hire an attorney is that you want to stay in control while being informed. The way you do that is by having somebody with the legal knowledge to tell you what your options are. Rather than listening to a company who is not there to protect you, your attorney will inform you what your options are and what you might want to do next. Your attorney should be able to advise you on what the most likely outcome will be based on your decision. Attorneys are advocates for their clients; insurance companies are defending their customers.

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