Why Should I Hire An Event Coordinator?

Why should I hire an event coordinator? Event coordinators help with accessibility, details and creative ideas. When planning any type of party or event, there is always the option to plan it yourself or...

When planning any type of party or event, there is always the option to plan it yourself or to hire an event coordinator to take care of the planning process for you. There are several things to consider when making this decision.

Kyle Hayden, the Event Coordinator for Strong Events, which specializes in event decorating and design for theme parties, says the main reason for hiring an event coordinator is accessibility. While people can do the planning on their own, he says, the advantages are that event coordinators know the people involved in carrying out the party and do not overlook a lot of the smaller details that the average consumer might overlook.

He also says that event coordinators might be able get a better discount than a single consumer: "I can go to particular vendors with your budget and tell them I really need to stay within it." He also says that event coordinators speak the language that vendors understand: "At least with a coordinator, somebody speaks the language and you can tell them what you want and they can go and bring it back, show you pictures, or take you to the place."

One example Hayden provides is an event like a 50th anniversary for a couple who likes to travel. He says that if the husband got a trip to Hawaii for his wife, it may be fun to use an island theme for the anniversary party. With that type of theme, Hayden says he would then locate the types of foods that are found in Hawaii and have the party bartenders all dress in Hawaiian print shirts. "We can also add the other touches that they might not think of, such as a using a margarita machine and passing out plastic leis when the people come to the door," he adds. Depending on what the budget is, Hayden says an event coordinator can really expand on the theme.

Hayden also says that hiring an event coordinator can also be a true time saver: "The consumer might spend five hours on the party with an event coordinator as opposed to two weeks. A lot of times, they don't have the time to plan, and that's when we come in and help them." He says that event coordinators can help you to narrow down your search for all the elements of the party and save you a lot of time.

In addition to saving time, Hayden explains that event coordinators can help to simplify the entire party planning process for the consumer. If you do not have to plan and implement every detail of the party, you can truly enjoy the special day without the added stress. He says, "Whether it is a private party or a corporate fund raiser, event coordinators can help you enjoy it so you can mingle with your guests. They take the hassle out of being a host. You won't feel the need to serve or refill anything."

If your budget allows for you to hire an event coordinator, it can save you a lot of the headaches that can come with planning and throwing any type of party. Keeping these things in mind can help you to decide if hiring an event coordinator is right for you.

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