Where Should Homeowners Look To Put A Fireplace In Their Home?

Where should homeowners look to put a fireplace in their home? The best area of the house to put a fireplace is near a hallway or corridor for optimal heat movement. Nothing says cozy like cuddling up in...

Nothing says cozy like cuddling up in front of a roaring fireplace. As consumers, when we think of fireplaces, we sometimes tend to include marshmallows, a big fuzzy blanket, and maybe even champagne-- if the law permits it,with the persona of what a fireplace is.

But in actuality, for most homeowners, having a fireplace will eventually become more than just a way to set a romantic moment. For those who have spent time as fireplace owners, they already know what the rest of the fireplace world is slowly learning: that having a fireplace in your home can be more than just for romance and relaxing evenings.

With prices for energy constantly on the rise these days, many consumers are turning to fireplaces and their many variations as sources of inexpensive heat during the winter months. But ask any expert and they will tell you that plopping a fireplace in your living room is not the best way to save on energy with your heat bill. Instead, consumers should do extensive research on the types of fireplaces available and the best places in the home to put them.

Dennis Capo works for Malm Fireplaces, which is just one of the many companies in the world that sells fireplaces in many different styles ranging from the traditional brick façade to the free standing gas fireplace that is operated by remote control. Capo says that if you are looking at putting a fireplace in a traditional area of the house in order to receive maximum heat, the main living room area is always the best bet. "Also, if you can get it closer to a hallway or corridor where the heat will travel into the other rooms it can help get heat throughout the house evenly," he adds.

One thing that potential fireplace owners should be aware of before purchasing a fireplace for their home is the room where most of the time will be spent by the family. Now, if no one is the household spends a lengthy amount of time in the main living space, then putting a fireplace in that room can be a waste of time.

Experts suggest that consumers study their living habits before rushing into any decision about a fireplace. Being able to correctly assess where the fireplace will best be suited in the home will help consumers save money upfront as well as in the long run.

Having an idea of which room to put the fireplace in will also help homeowners know which type of fireplace will be best. For example, let's say that the homeowners spend most of their time working in a home office space. Now, it would probably be very expensive for a homeowner to rip out an office wall and install a traditional brick façade fireplace in the room. For one, the room may not be big enough to handle the construction and the cost could eventually get out of hand.

So, experts suggest that consumers shop around and learn about the many different types of fireplaces that are available for different rooms and budgets. Some of the more popular fireplaces include free standing, gas, and electric.

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