Should I Do Insurance Research Online?

Should I do insurance research online? There are many websites provided by the state you live in which allow you to compare different policies. Yes, you can. There are some pretty good websites. I would...

Yes, you can. There are some pretty good websites. I would direct you to

But in the meantime, the State of Texas has a website that will tell you the differences between car insurance companies, homeowner's insurance companies, and things like that.

It allows you to compare each policy the different companies sell, because there are many differences. On the car insurance, it allows you to look at the complaint index for companies. So, it just says, "Here's how many policies they have. Here's how many complaints they had, whether they are above average, or below average." There is a lot of information online. Most of the major companies, State Farm or Progressive, and Gieco, when you are talking about car insurance, will give you a lot of information on their websites. It is always good to get something independent, like through the state, when researching companies.

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