Why You Should Learn Speak A Foreign Language

Our world is getting smaller, and learning to speak a foreign language is more important than ever. This article will go over the many reasons to learn a foreign language.

Many high schools and colleges in the United States require foreign language classes for graduation, hardly long enough time to actually learn the language while in a school setting. Many European countries begin teaching their children to learn a foreign language in the elementary years of school. Our world is getting smaller and learning a foreign language is more important than ever. This article will go over the many reasons to learn a foreign language.

To learn a foreign language is to see the world anew. You are as many people as the languages you speak. What this means is that if you speak one language you will be one

person. If you speak two languages you are as useful as two people. If you speak three languages you are as useful as three people. Employers see this, so should you.

Most Europeans speak 3 or 4 languages. They are able to communicate with most every person they meet. When you speak only 1 language you are limited to speaking to only

other people who speak that same language. With the world becoming a global village speaking only one language will definitely shut you out. If your resume shows that you

are multi-lingual you will be chosen over other prospective employees that speak only one language. The business world is in need of people who are multi-lingual because of

the global economy. You will be an asset to any business with more than one language at your disposal. Many employers will even pay you more for this asset.

The world is getting smaller. Travel is getting cheaper, easier and more common. You will have the opportunity to meet more people from all over the world. Whether you are

traveling to another country or you meet someone in your home country, knowing another language is invaluable.

Here is a look at the break down of people speaking some of the more popular languages of the world.

English is spoken by 443 million people.

Spanish is spoken by 341 million people.

Russian is spoken by 293 million people.

Hindi is spoken by 442 million people.

Mandarin is spoken by 864 million people.

French is spoken by 121 million people.

German is spoken by 118 million people.

Japanese is spoken by 125 million people.

Arabic is spoken by 197 million people.

Learning a foreign language is easily done by those with normal intelligence. So, don't worry if you have an "aptitude" for learning a foreign language. Desire is all you need along with the learning tools.

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