What Should I Know About Limestone Counter Tops?

What should I know about limestone counter tops? Limestone counter tops, those are going to require a decent amount of maintenance, because of the light color. They're very porous. When asked about some...

When asked about some basic information on Limestone Counter tops, Jason Flippo, who is the owner and president of Signature Home Improvement Inc, which is a business that concentrates on remodeling kitchens and living areas, says, "Limestone counter tops are going to require a decent amount of maintenance, because of the light color. They're very porous. They're going to require a lot of regular sealing applications to keep them from staining. Even then you're not going to be able to avoid stains. Limestone is something you don't see very often on kitchen counter tops."

For those who want the "limestone look", there is the choice of having another material custom-made to simulate it. One option that may be available to you is a material called "Solid Surfaces" The book "Home Project Manager: Kitchen Planner", published in 1997 by Cowles Creative Publishing, says, "Solid surfacing is an incredibly durable, manufactured substance made of polyester or acrylic resins or a blend of both, plus a mineral filler. Solid-surface materials look and feel like stone, with the same lustrous appearance and smooth, cool surface; It's much easier to work with then stone, however, and is less expensive...Solid-surface countertops with built-in, integral sink basins can be special ordered through cabinet contractors or kitchen design centers. ..Solid surfacing is a versatile material that will let you customize your countertops. Contrasting colors and shapes can easily be pieced together to fit your design, Since it is a solid substance rather than layered, solid-surface material can be worked like wood- the edges can be shaped or routed for interesting effects. Unlike laminate and tile, the seams in solid surfacing are practically invisible."

If you do not mind the "faux" look, another option would be to have an artist re-create the color and texture for you, using ceramic tiles. Though this may be expensive, it can't be anymore costly then the upkeep of an actual limestone counter top would be. You may be even able to inset a few pieces of natural limestone into another material on your counter tops or backsplash in areas that are less likely to be damaged due to staining or exposure to moisture. Discuss your desire to incorporate this material into your kitchen remodel with your designer or home contractor and they will be more then happy to try and find a way to do it. Remember, they are there to capture whatever feeling that you are going for and it may surprise you at the ideas that they come up with to do so.

If you insist on the real thing, you need to be prepared for the upkeep of limestone and also be ready to accept the wear and tear it will show no matter how much you maintain it. Keeping these two things in mind, you also have to spend the time and energy on finding a supplier of the material. As Jason says, "It's very rare" Since not many people use it when they replace their counter tops, it may be hard and costly to find.

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