What Should You Look For When Buying A Down Comforter?

What should you look for when buying a down comforter? There are a variety of things to consider when buying a down comforter. First thing to look for, in buying a down comforter, is how much down the comforter...

First thing to look for, in buying a down comforter, is how much down the comforter contains. That is explained on the packaging. Also, you want a duffle box construction. This helps keep the down in place. It doesn't let the contents of the comforter shift. Those are the two key things. Also, you want the comforter fabric to have a good thread count. I would say you should have at least 250 or 300. With a good thread count, you can make sure that you don't have down seeping through a thin, shoddy comforter cover. Of course there are comforters developed in different areas of the county. For people that live in the south or south west, they may want a light weight comforter. As opposed to people in Minnesota, they really go for a high fill power comforter. The brand of the comforter is very important. You should have ample information on the brand. You need to do know the fill power of the packaging. You want to assure that the construction, the thread count of the cover, is a good thread count. The comforter construction matters. The down should be held in one place throughout the width and the length of the comforter. Make sure that it is all aligned up, and not crammed up in one corner.

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