What Should I Look For In A Handwriting Analysis Expert?

What should I look for in a handwriting analysis expert? Learn what to look for in a handwriting analysis expert. When looking for an expert to analyze a person's handwriting, choose a person that is very...

When looking for an expert to analyze a person's handwriting, choose a person that is very knowledgeable in the field.

"I would suggest asking a person about their credentials," says Sheila Kurtz, president and CEO of Graphology Consulting Group and Chief Graphology Officer of the Pilot Pen Corporation. She has written four books on handwriting analysis. "Also, ask if they have had their own handwriting analyzed to see if they have the right traits for you. Make sure they are certified. I lecture all over the world, including the CIA. You can learn a lot with lecturing due to the interaction. I feel like it is very effective."

There are many uses for handwriting analysis. It is used for self-awareness and integrity for companies. Handwriting analysis is a projective technique, which can give insight information about a person's social skills, thinking styles, work habits and ways of dealing with stress. Many employers are using this technique to distinguish good employees from bad ones.

There are several ways to find referrals of handwriting analysis experts. One can look in the yellow pages of the phone directory, ask friends if they know of a person or contact schools that have trained analysts in your area. Also, look at handwriting organizations to find an expert. The American Association of Handwriting Analysis, American Board of Forensic Examiners, American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, and American Society of Professional Graphologists are a few of the organizations that require some form of requirement to be recognized by the organization.

According to the website Handwriting. Org, there is a difference between a handwriting analyst and an expert. An expert specializes in the forensic aspect of this field by identifying signatures and other writings to determine whether they are forgeries or valid for the stated purposes. A document examiner is another specialty focusing on ink, paper and typewriter identification. A handwriting analyst specializes in identifying personality traits for various areas including business needs, counseling, compatibility and vocational assessments.

The fees to have ones handwriting analyzed differ in each geographical area, however the fees can range from $50-$500. There are several books one can buy to evaluate their own handwriting. Kurtz has a book called Clinical Handbook; it is for doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, it is a book that offers clues to a person's handwriting. There is another book called Rewrite your life; it is about graphotherapy, which is a method of changing a trait by having a professional remedially change your writing.

"The process of handwriting analysis is determined by looking for emotional responses, how someone respond in situations," says Kurtz. "We ask ourselves are they outgoing, impulsive, objective, calm or introverted? Next thing we look for are their thinking patterns: slow, quick thinkers, are they intuitive or political? Next, we look for is the stress level, if a person has a temper. It is an overall evaluation not a one-for-one. It is a graphic interpretation, and you come up with a picture of the personality. We also look for fear, defenses, goals, communication skills, achievement traits, business attitude, and social skills. It can be interpreted in any language."

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