What Should I Look For In A Yoga Teacher In Terms Of Certifications Or Training?

What should I look for in a yoga teacher in terms of certifications or training? To become a yoga teacher or instructor, cortication in the yoga profession is not mandatory because there are different standards.

Yoga teacher certification right now is a very slippery subject because we aren't, there's really no managing body of that. I think the yoga alliance right now is looking for a way to standardize all of that, but its very hard to do because we just talked about all these different types of yoga, which one do we certify in? Well, all of them have certification trainings in them. Which one are we going to call valid? Well, they're all valid. So it's a very, very difficult thing to quantify. So with that said, there are certification programs out there that you can be a certified yoga instructor in five days. My training took me 2 ½ years. Plus some initiation on the front end of that, plus continuing education on the back end of that. Do I think my training is better than a five day thing? Absolutely. I think that you need to find somebody that has trained for longer than a certification for 5 days or a weekend or two weeks or something like that. It's very hard to find that information out, so what you have to do, I think, in finding a yoga teacher is go to the class, and see how you feel. Go to the class a couple times, see how you feel. Are you sore? Do you hurt? Do you feel that this person knows what they're doing? Do you feel safe? Is this person imposing an agenda on you that you don't feel right? If you don't feel right, trust yourself. You can be sore. I'm not going tell you that people haven't left my class and been sore. I think that another thing to look for is to watch the teacher. Is it about them? Or is it about you? Does the teacher ask you questions? Does the teacher really want to know who you are? Does the teacher watch you when you practice or does the teacher have her eyes closed? Is the teacher available to you or is the teacher doing her own practice? Those types of things.

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