How Should A Man Choose A Right Neck Tie For An Outfit?

How should a man choose a right neck tie for an outfit? Men should wear neck ties that go with the structure of their body. They should put their outfit together as a unit. If a man is unsure taste wise...

If a man is unsure taste wise and color, I think it is always good to take your suit jacket or your sport coat with you. Put it all together as a unit to not end up with a bunch of ties that don't work. The tie should go with the shirt and the suit or the suit and the sport coat. However, if the tie is with the sport coat you should incorporate the slacks in the color mix. Also the shape and the design of the tie are very important. If a man has a very round sort of baby face, a paisley and polka dot works well on him. If a man has a very angular face with a strong jaw, then the stripes work well on him. Again, the color is matched to your own body's colors: you hair, skin and eyes are what dictate your colors. However, what dictates shapes in a tie is going to be the body's physical silhouette, the structure of the body.

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