How Often Should You Mow A Lawn?

How often should you mow a lawn? How often you mow your grass depends on the growing season and the climate, but most of the time, once every ten days or so will maintain a nice lawn. When asked how often...

When asked how often you should mow a lawn, Merrideth Jiles, who is the garden center manager at The Great Outdoors Nursery and Landscaping Center in Austin, Texas, replies, "The classic answer - it depends. How often you should mow a lawn really depends on what season it is and how fast your lawn is growing. In the middle of spring, when grass is really growing mowing the lawn more than once a week is definitely too much."

This may seem contradictory, but it if you really think about it, it makes sense. In order to ensure a lush and healthy lawn for years to come, it needs to be able to thrive during its prime-growing season. You would not want to stunt its growth. It is a general agreement between most experts that the higher you keep your lawn during the spring, the stronger it becomes and the more likely it will survive an unforeseen drought during the summer months.

Jiles goes on to say, "For most of the year, mowing the lawn every two weeks is okay. I find quite often, in mid-July through August, there is not much of a need for mowing, maybe once in that six-week period, unless you happen to get a lot of rain." Keeping your grass higher during these mid to late summer months helps to discourage weed infestation as well as protect the soil against the typical drying heat. Jiles also states that you should "maybe mow once in the winter, depending on where you live". In even warmer climates, there may not be a need to mow your lawn at all during the winter months and as long as the grass doesn't get to long due to a lot of rain and/or it being unseasonably hot, mowing should be avoided. Similar to the other mentioned times of the year, this is because leaving it longer will help strengthen and protect it, enabling it to thrive during its true growing season.

One standard to consider when deciding on how often you should mow a lawn is to make sure that only a quarter to a third of the total height of the grass is cut off at one time. If you wait for it to grow longer, not only do the clippings look bad, they can smother the grass that is growing underneath them. Mow sooner and you can lessen the lawn's strength.

The exact height of which you should keep your lawn at depends upon the type of grass you have and the season, as well as your individual preference. Most "standards" call for a length of anywhere between 1 and 1/2 to 3 inches depending upon the type and the time of year that it is. Following along with these "guidelines", the actual height of your lawn is then dependent on what you personally feel looks the best. Jiles says, "I think for most homeowners, about every 10 days to every few weeks through the growing season is adequate for keeping your lawn maintained."

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