How Should Parents Adjust Their Schedule On A Road Trip With Children?

How should parents adjust their schedule on a road trip with children? There is no doubt that when you travel with children, things tend to move a little bit more slowly than if you were traveling with just adults.

There is no doubt that when you travel with children, things tend to move a little bit more slowly than if you were traveling with just adults. Children are not very good at waiting when it comes to bathroom breaks and food and they get restless quite easily. Everyone knows the old cliché, "Are we there yet?" Planning some extra time in your schedule will make for a more peaceful and happier trip with your children. Your family vacation is not about how fast you can get there and back, but about spending time together.

Beth McGregor, co-founder of tells us, "Don't try to cover the same ground that you would without children. The biggest challenge is when you are traveling with toddlers and young children. It's important to give them things to entertain themselves while in the car, take frequent breaks for them to stretch their legs, bring a car cooler like the Ultimate Toy Box & Cooler, plenty of snacks and drinks, and a travel potty might be a good item to have on hand if you can't make it to the next rest stop." If you carry a travel potty with you in the car, you can avoid embarrassing accidents for your child when he simply cannot hold it.

To make an extended road trip more fun and less frustrating for adults, plan your route to go past places of interest that you all can enjoy while you get out of the car for a break. If you need to stop in an area that doesn't have any particular attractions, Beth says, "Take a little extra time when stopping to find a park or a short hike for your children, even the smallest towns usually have a park and what better break for your children than some running around, swinging and sliding." Letting your children get out in the fresh air to run around might make them tired enough to take a nap once they get back in the car, which can give the adults a period of peace and quiet.

If your trip is going to be a very long one, try to include some stops at hotels along the way. When children get a chance to get out of the car for an extended period of time to swim in the pool, eat, and get a good night's rest, they can be much more pleasant in the car and have a little more patience for more driving. While it might seem that your trip will be less painful if you get to your destination faster, you will end up with a carload of tired, bored, and cranky kids and some adults who are at the end of their nerves. You do not want to spend the first couple of days of your vacation recovering from your journey there. Taking plenty of time to rest, play, and explore on your road trip will afford you a great family experience, and that is what road trips are all about!

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