What Should People Look For When Hiring A Financial Advisor?

What should people look for when hiring a financial advisor? A long standing relationship, trust and experience are all elements one should look for when choosing a financial advisor. I think there are several...

I think there are several aspects obviously, working for Merrill Lynch, which I have for the last almost 20 years, to have a company or a firm that's been in business for sometime and has the resources to provide products and services to meet your needs and I want to make sure that I would want to make sure that my advisor or consultant approached the overall picture and whether the particular advisor at Merrill Lynch or elsewhere are just part of that overall picture. Typically at Merrill Lynch that's what we do, locate the big picture and then go out and get all the pieces of the products and services to help knowing about any gaps or needs. I think you would want to make sure that the advisor has a process or a plan. You want to make sure that it's somebody that you can trust, somebody who you can relate to and you are going to be open with and share what your concerns are, what your needs are and discuss how. The advisor can discuss back with you or articulate how they can go about help to solve this, the needs of the goal. . I think the longer you can work with an individual the more they understand about you, your goals and your needs, the more they can understand your family and help with the overall process from basic education planning that you might need for your children, retirement planning that you need for yourself, the estate planning that you want to have placed at your death, so most definitely.

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