What Should People Know About Planting New Shrubs?

What should people know about planting new shrubs? Hole size and adequate soil are important when planting a new shrub. When asked about what people should know when planting new shrubs, our panel of top...

When asked about what people should know when planting new shrubs, our panel of top experts from Greenview Landscaping including Johanna who has been a landscape designer with the company since 2002, Ben who is a landscape design/build manager, and Tom who serves as the company's maintenance manager, says, "Generally the shrub is going to be a container plant and you want to dig a large enough hole for the root ball. Generally a good root ball hole is twice the size of the container. It is also very important to break up that root ball and plant in the center of the hole. Put the shrub in the ground without breaking the root ball; just loosen it because those roots are so tightly wound with the shrub. If it is not loosened, it will not develop like it should, and it will die very quickly. It is also a great idea to amend the soil with some compost. That really helps the shrub get on to a good start." If using fertilizer, make sure to mix it with the soil and any natural compost before placing it around the shrubs' roots otherwise you might burn them and kill the shrub. It is very hard to repair the damage caused by improper fertilization.

The panel of experts states that there are other things that people should know about planting a shrub, such as: "You have to know what the plant likes for its conditions...We will have people who buy a rose bush for example, and plant it in the shade. That rose bush needs to be in the sun in order to do what it is supposed to do. If they put in the sun, it will look healthy all the time." All of the different factors that various shrubs need, such as soil composition, sun or shade and other maintenance aspects need to be researched before they are planted in the ground.

It is also important to check on the shrub frequently, while it is going through its first few stages of growth. Based on what you find out initially, there may need to be a watering schedule as well as a fertilizing plan. You cannot control the sun, so shrubs that thrive in its rays can not be helped much if you have a string of cloudy days, but those that need partial shade may need to be protected if you have a few unusually bright, hot days.

Another aspect that people should know about and take into consideration before planting new shrubs is proper spacing. You need to plan for the full growth potential of the shrubs as well as any other plantings that you have placed near them. Roots can get intertwined and choked off as well as branches and leaves invading close neighbors' spaces. When in doubt, it is best to consult a professional landscaper in order to avoid any of these territorial wars because once they are started, as in real life; at best there is only one winner and you could easily end up losing all parties involved.

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