Should You Publish An Ezine?

Publishing an online ezine is a fun, easy way to promote ideas, spread information, or connect to others who share your interests.

Have you ever considering writing, editing, and publishing your own online magazine? Termed "ezine" as Internet jargon for "electronic magazine," this type of personal publishing venture can get your name and ideas to thousands of people around the world.

After selecting a domain name and registering with a service provider that will send your ezine to a list of subscribers, you can start building a subscriber base, usually from people you know who have expressed interest or those who visit a pre-existing Website and leave email contact information for further details. Or you can publish the ezine at your site and invite guests to stop in each week for the latest issue.

So who publishes ezines? And why?

1. Those who want to share information. For example, if a close family member suffers from a rare disease and you've learned quite a bit about managing symptoms and coping with stress, you may want to publish a monthly newsletter with tips for helping other families whose loved ones may be struggling with the same disorder. Or if you have successfully mastered a better way of conducting a process, like a company's self-assessment per ISO standards, you may want to share information with others who can benefit.

2. Those who want to gain name recognition. Let's say that you sell a new house ware product that has not yet reached supermarkets. To get possible customers interested in your product and familiar with the name, you decide to publish a free monthly ezine featuring household cleaning tips. Your product may be touted at the end of the one- or two-page newsletter. Or your ezine may serve as a clearinghouse for other household products with a special blurb about your product's unique features in each issue.

3. Those who want to sell products. Your ezine can be emailed to subscribers who are interested in browsing many different products and reading about product information. Your ezine may serve as a catalog to introduce readers to various features, price ranges, or styles, enabling them to buy the best product for their needs, thus increasing your profit margin when they purchase from you instead of visiting a store.

4. Those who want to stay in touch with people who share their interest. Perhaps you have cultivated a special interest in the three-toed black-nosed poisonous tree toad of South America. To find others who share your enthusiasm, you build a Website that lets readers sign up for the monthly newsletter. Then the members take turns sharing articles, research, or book reviews on this fascinating specimen. The ezine becomes a forum for shared information.

Whatever your business or personal goal, publishing an ezine is a great way to get in touch with others who want to stay connected for transacting business or exchanging ideas. Pick up a library book or visit one of the free Websites that tell you how to start your own ezine at low cost for great returns. As your reader base grows, so will your satisfaction with shopping products or ideas to a global subscription list.

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