When Should I Seek A Mold Inspector?

When should I seek a mold inspector? You should call a mold inspector if you smell or suspect mold. You will also want to have a mold inspection if you are buying or selling a home. If your home is contaminated...

If your home is contaminated with mold you will want to have it removed as soon as possible so that the members in your household won't become sick. Mold can also ruin the structure of your home through decay and cause damage to the home. Calling a professional mold inspector or mold remediation specialist will depend on what type and how large of an area the mold has infected.

It is important to stop mold from growing because a myriad of health problems can result when you breathe in the spores from a mold infestation. These health problems can range from mild to severe. Mild health problems are sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and headaches. Severe health problems can be asthma or severe breathing problems, fatigue, learning disabilities, bloody nose, spots on your lungs, and pulmonary hemorrhage in infants.

Call in a professional mold inspector if you suspect any of the above health problems are linked to mold exposure. If you try to clean up toxic mold by yourself you may become ill. If the area that is moldy is larger than a 10 x 10 area you will need to call a mold remediation specialist. If you suspect the mold to be toxic black mold, which is dark, black and slimy, call in a professional mold inspector. He can take a sample of the mold and send it in to an independent lab to determine what type of mold you have. It is common to have a small amount of mold in bathrooms and kitchens. This type of mold can usually be cleaned and contained by weekly cleaning with bleach and water. If the mold problem is advanced definitely call a specialist.

Kevin Bristol is President of Advance Mold Remediation and is certified by the National Association of Mold professionals, International Association for Mold Professionals, and the Environmental Protection Agency. When he was asked what to look for in a mold removal company he explained, "As far as mold remediation, you have to be careful of fly by night companies that are not certified or just recently received their certification, but have no experience. There are a lot of companies that are entering the business to make a quick dollar and really don't know what they are doing."

When you are looking for a new home be especially careful in purchasing a home wher you may suspect mold. "You will want to have a mold inspection if you are buying or selling a home" and if you see or smell mold in the home states Bristol. Some states require past mold infestations to be disclosed on the seller home disclosure statement but other do not. Buyer beware of purchasing a house with hidden mold. "A mold inspector will check all areas for mold: toilet spaces, attics, basements, bathrooms. If you are buying a house, you want to make sure that the air quality is healthy and that there are no issues as far as moisture is concerned. A mold inspector will be able to tell you all that because they have equipment such as photometers, hydrometers, and the skills to check inside wall cavities to make sure everything is okay" explains Bristol.

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