Siberian Husky Dogs Care Information

Siberian Husky dog; information on grooming, training, health, and animal interaction.

A Siberian Husky ( hereby abbreviated as S.H. ) is an intelligent and independent dog. When it is bored, it will engage in play to keep itself occupied. This may result in destruction of your home or garden if it is unleashed.

Despite its thick coat, the S.H. is an all weather dog. Its coat insulates against cold and heat. In hot weather, it should be housed in a shady area with a constant supply of drinking water. If it has been in direct sunlight for a longer time, you may need to hose it down. A S.H. will climatize itself in summer or whatever weather conditions you expose it to.

If you're a new owner of a S.H., you'll experience difficulty in handling the dog because it does not submit easily. You also need to dog-proof your fencing. S.H.s are known to dig through fencing and run away. To overcome this problem, you need a fence that's at least 6 feet in height.

The S.H. eats very little but is very active. You need to exercise and walk the dog on a leash. It is an instinctive hunter and will chase other small animals. Your other pets may be at risk of the S.H. You need to supervise your S.H. in the presence of other smaller animals.

A S.H. grooms itself very well. You only need to help it with cleaning its ears and anal area. Check its feet pads to remove mud residues or stones. The owner should clip its nails and brush its feet regularly. The S.H. sheds its coat twice annually so you need to help it remove the dead hairs. Use a brush to brush down the dead hairs and vacuum up any hairs lying around the house.

It is difficult to train a S.H. as it has stubborn traits. You need to be strict in your handling. Establish yourself confidently as its leader. It can read body language and will challenge you if you don't show yourself to be a firm leader. The S.H. needs stimulation during training so that it is interested enough to follow your training. Keep your S.H. leashed or restrained within your compound or it will run away as it obeys its instinct to run and run.

Your S.H. needs normal checkups and vaccinations. They are very healthy except for 2 inherited genetic traits. Canine hip dysplasia affects about 5 % of all S.H.s. This is an inherited condition. Another genetic defect is the S.H. eye defect. Breeders are careful to follow the guidelines set by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals ( OFA ) to choose dogs that are certified free from disease for breeding. However, eye defects are very difficult to detect and your S.H. needs annual eye examinations to check for this eye defect.

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