What Are the Side Effects of Scalp Med?

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    Scalp Med is a commercially available product designed to treat hair loss. The product is rubbed directly on the scalp to promote hair growth. While it's safe to use, it does contain Minoxidil, which is shown to have some specific side effects. Though the drug maker claims it has no known side effects, users have reported different findings.
  • Aesthetics

    One of the most common side effects associated with the use of Scalp Med are those related to aesthetics. The most common of those is that the product left individuals with greasy hair and they claimed that the product wouldn't rinse off completely, which caused them to stain their clothing and pillows. There are also side effects relating to acne. Some users have reported breakouts appearing when they never had a problem before, while others saw their breakouts increase.
  • Irritation

    Many users of Scalp Med have experienced problems with scalp irritation after using the product. They claimed to feel itchy all over their scalp, especially in areas where they used Scalp Med. The itching increased dramatically for those who continued using the product. This wasn't true in all cases, but it was a common complaint. Those who stopped using the product noted that the itchiness continued for several days, but eventually cleared up on its own.

  • Swelling

    In a small number of cases, individuals using Scalp Med claimed to experience problems with swelling on their body. This swelling was typically found on their hands and feet and in a few cases, the face. This is often the result of an allergic reaction with the main ingredient in Scalp Med. This occurred in only a small number of cases. Doctors recommend that those who see this side effect when using the product cease use and see a medical professional.
  • Hair Changes

    Those who have used Scalp Med have noted side effects relating to the amount of hair on their body. In some users, the product caused their hair loss to increase for some time before the product began working. Others have seen an increase in hair, but on different areas of their body and not on their head. An increase in hair on the chest, legs, face and other parts of the body was noted by a small percentage of Scalp Med users.
  • Rare Side Effects

    There are some rare side effects associated with using Scalp Med. These side effects were only noted in a small percentage of their testers and in a small number of users, but they should still be a concern. This includes an increase in blood pressure, chest pain and sudden changes in weight. Others have also felt nausea, had problems with their heartbeat and experienced dizzy or fainting spells. Some users experienced skin redness or an unusual rash on the body.
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