Silk Hankerchiefs Accessories Solutions: $1 Clutter

Silk hankerchiefs & accessory organization. How to optimize your space without overextending your pocket book.

Purchasing matching silk accessories is a great way to enhance business or evening attire. From women's scarves, silk undergarments and pocket hankies to men's handkerchiefs, socks and ties, accessories spruce up outfits, enhance image and provide distinctive detailing that can provide an unforgettable impression.

The more you buy, however, the less drawer space you are likely to have. In an attempt to keep cut clutter, some men and women purchase etagere and other furniture just for their silk accessories. These handsome pieces of furniture are great organizers, but, albeit, expensive.

Budget-conscious, fashionable men and women can opt for the same clutter solution but at a fraction of a cost. In fact, for as little as $1, you can purchase a usable, movable, organizer.

These clutter solutions are commonly called "shoe bags," or "toy bags," depending on where purchased. They are 12- and 16-pocket; vinyl organizers come in a variety of colors and styles and are ideal for keeping silk accessories tidy and handy. You can pick these up as little as $1 from variety stores, and up to $6 from well-known chain stores. Similar bags are offered through popular catalogs, but for much more money at the same functionality. The $1 clutter busters are as durable as their more expensive counterparts, although this is not a concern since they will be used for lightweight accessories. Even if you have oversized silk scarves, don't be concerned: the pockets should be able to stand the pressure.

The pockets are surprisingly deep. Depending on the size of your accessory, each pocket can hold up to three accessories. One pocket may hold a silk undergarment, or 2-3 men's' ties. Of course, however, it is best to use put as few accessories in each pocket as possible to minimize the amount of "crushing" that may occur.

The silk solutions are ideal in that each is designed with either a small round hole on the top, which can be nailed to a corner of your closet, or with an attached mini hanger. As such, they offer hassle-free clutter resolution by giving you more flexibility in where and how to hang your accessories.

As many ways as there are to accessorize, so there are ways to use these clutter busting silk solutions. One way you can use these bags is to assign one bag per accessory, say just for ties, or pocket handkerchiefs. Thus, in one location you will be able to locate your matching accessory more quickly and easily, thereby diminishing some of the time you allocate to dressing to impress. Another great idea is to hang each bag according to you usual closet design. Men can opt to hang a bag of ties next to the matching shirts; while women can decide to hang hankies next to the matching suit jacket or blazer. If you're really an accessorizer, you can even opt to purchase bags based on color schemes. They come in white, ivory, strong primary colors like blue, and more feminine florals and pinks. So, if you usually hang all your blue clothing together, then pack a bag filled with blue accessories nearby.

Really, at $1, these silk solutions can't be beat. Buy as many as you like, and keep your silk accessories neat and organized.

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