Simple Bedroom Repairs You Can Do

There are many simple repairs in the bedroom that any Do It Yourselfer can accomplish with a few tools and instructions.

There are many simple repairs that any do it yourselfer can accomplish in the bedroom. With a quick glance across the room, most often there are a dozen things that need tending to. With a little know how and a few simple tools the room can be whole again. Let's review a few items that may need tending.

1. Any room that has wallpaper on it will usually show wear within the first year. Good maintenance of the seams will keep the paper looking new. There are glues on the market that can be used to repair wallpaper seams, just look in the wallpaper section of any hardware store. These items work great, but any craft or household glue will do. Just inspect the seams around the room and where there are any loose fitted places just add glue, press down the edge and wipe with a damp sponge. There is a tool that can be used to press the seam; they too, are purchased at the hardware store. Your fingers work just as well as long as the seam that needs repairing isn't too large.

2. If a room is painted, small marks and gnashes can be repaired easily with some touch-up paint. Always keep a small amount of paint stored away for this project. A little brush and a dab of paint will help those little imperfections disappear. The room will look freshly painted with this little touch up trick.

3. Sometimes the brackets for curtains pull away from the window frame. This job can be tackled with a hammer, and a little wood putty. Take down the curtains and the rods. Pull the bracket out of its space completely and apply a little wood putty to the enlarged hole in the wood. Let it dry a little and reapply the bracket. Give the wood putty overnight to dry completely and then put up the curtains again.

4. Replacing old faceplates on the outlets and light switches is an easy repair job and makes the room look great. Just purchase the style and color plates that you want. With a simple screwdriver remove the center screw and take off the plate. The new faceplate can be screwed in its place and all the electrical outlets in the room now have a new look.

5. Take adding new faceplates a step farther by adding new outlets and switches. Find the circuit breaker box in your home and turn off the electric to the bedroom. If you don't know what breaker turns off the room just switch off the main breaker. It doesn't take much time to reset all the clocks in the house. Getting started on the outlets is easy; all that is needed is a screwdriver. Remove the screws that hold the outlet in its place. Just disconnect each wire by backing out the screw. Remember what wire was connected to what screw and repeat the process when screwing in the new outlets. The switch plates work the same, just a few screws and the job is done. After all of the receptacles are done in the bedroom turn the breaker back on and check each replaced item to make sure they are working. Replacing these items is a great do it yourself project.

6. Every bedroom comforter will get a tear now and then. Why buy a new one when a little hand sewing can make it last for years. If there isn't the right color thread in the house just bag up the comforter and visit your local fabric store. Any salesperson would be glad to help you find the right thread for the chore. Seams can be quickly repaired with a whipstitch along the edge and any tears can disappear with little sewing imagination.

7.The joints of bedroom furniture sometimes get a little loose and creaky. A good wood glue and an application syringe can be purchased at the hardware store to make all those little creaks go away. Look for any loose areas and insert glue into the crack. Let the furniture sit overnight to dry well. The next day you will find a sound piece with many years of wear left.

8. The hardware on bedroom furniture can sometimes wear or break. Replacing all the hardware on the drawers will give the furniture a new look and take care of any problems that might occur over time. Count the amount of pulls that are needed and check to see if they are connected with one screw or two. Any pull that has two screws holding it will need to have the distance between the screws measured. Then it's off to the hardware store. Purchase the amount and size of pulls that are needed and replace them one by one. The only tool needed fro this project is a screwdriver.

9. Sometimes the tracks on closet doors become worn and get loose. The repair can be made with a little wood putty. Sometimes longer screws are needed if the wood is quite worn. Pop the closet door off the track and unscrew the all the screws that hold the track in its place. Inspect each hole to determine whether a little putty is needed to tighten the hole or if a longer screw will be more helpful. Once you have puttied the holes, let them dry for a few hours. Reattach the track with the original or loner screws and pop the closet door back in place. It will work just like a new one.

10. Number ten on the repair list is to those creaky door hinges. It is a good habit to apply a little spray lubricant to door hinges at least twice a year. It will keep the hinge not only from making noise but it will stop it from rusting and wearing over the years.

Ten simple repairs to the bedroom are the do it yourselfers delight. The room will stay looking new and the maintenance cost will be minimal. A hammer, screwdriver and a few purchased items is all that's need to make these ten simple projects complete

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