Simple Card Game Ideas For Kids

A simple deck of cards and a few rules of play can create many fun games for kids.Children of all ages can join in, all you need to know is shapes, colors and numbers.

Playing card games with kids can be fun and educational. With a simple deck of cards, and a large imagination, kids of all ages can have hours of playtime. The game can involve matching sets of numbers, colors or shapes. Even a preschooler can learn to play cards along with their older siblings.

A great game to start with is a home made version of the matching game. Just turn the cards face down on a flat surface. The whole deck can be used or just pick out the numbered cards. Once they are face down, the idea is to find two cards that have the same number. If a match isn't found when two cards are turned over, they must be placed face down again and the next player tries to find a match. Each time a pair is found the match finder collects them. The player who collects the most cards wins. When playing with younger children, it's best to start out with fewer cards. This way it is easier to remember what cards are seen and where they are located. To add variety to the game, it would be fun to play with only the kings, queens and jacks. This version could be called the royal match game.

Another simple card game would involve collecting cards to make a sequence. All players would be dealt five cards and the remaining cards would be placed face down in the center of the table. Each player would pick two cards from the deck and discard two cards from their hand, trying to get a sequence of five numbers in a row. The game would continue with players drawing and discarding until a player finally gets five in a row. If the playing deck is used up and there is no winner, the discard pile is then shuffled and used to continue with the game. For older children, or to make the game more challenging, making the sequence all in one suit would be necessary.

Preschoolers love to play with cards and can easily identify shapes. A card game involving just the suits on the cards would be fun for them to play. Since their hands are small and it's hard to hold cards in them, it would be best to deal out five to ten cards and place them on the table in front of them. Having the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table. Each child would take a turn picking a card from the deck and turning it over. Next they would look at the cards that are face up in front of them and find a shape that matches the one that they just picked from the deck. Then place their card on top of the card they just turned over. If no match were found they would have to pick a card from the face down pile and place it in front of him or her. Whoever can get rid of their cards first is the winner. Another way this game can be played is by matching colors instead of shapes. The game would be easier and move faster, a bonus to any small child.

Using these simple formats and adding a few changes here or there can create all sorts of playtime for kids. Simple card games from one deck can provide hours of fun for those rainy days or long road trips. Just shuffle and let the games begin.

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