Simple Feng Shui Rules For The Office

This article will help the reader introduce feng shui into their professional life, for prosperity, career advancement and peace of mind.

In utilizing feng shui to your benefit at work, the priority should be, of course, on placement of your work space. Ideally, you should sit with your back against a solid wall, and you should be able to look up and see people entering you office as well as the majority of your office space. For a traditionally-shaped office, you would want your chair sitting against the wall opposite to and diagonal from your doorway. While this is not always practical, it would be the ideal situation. If your chair is against a window, leave the blinds closed. You want to feel as if you have something solid behind you. Likewise, if you have to sit directly across from the door, make every effort to break things up along that path. A potted or hanging plant may work well.

While you are rearranging furniture, keep in mind that you do not want to look directly out on closets, storage areas, or toilet facilities. Although feng shui should not be confused with interior decorating, a common thread that they both share is harmony with your surroundings. You spend the majority of your waking hours at your job. Put yourself in an environment that you find calm, organized and not off-putting. It is hard to keep a positive attitude if you spend eight hours a day watching your coworkers enter and exit the facilities.

Once you have your furniture arranged in a pleasing way, it is time to add some accent pieces. A tabletop fountain is an excellent addition to any office space. According to traditional feng shui, fountains are wonderful additions that add pleasing sounds and movement to your (artificial) work environment. Also, the flow of water can be equated with the flow of your energy. There is also the more basic calming influence of a small fountain.

Another addition to consider in your office would be an aquarium. The addition of living creatures (fish) to a body of water is a strong statement of both wealth and prosperity. In addition, the aquarium acts as a tool for rejuvenation, but also as a calming influence, one of the few objects that can do both.

Although there are many items that you can add to your office to increase your wealth, productivity and performance, one of the keys of feng shui involves knowing what you should leave out. A room overstuffed with anything, from office furniture, to unruly computer cords, to overcrowded file drawers, is not acceptable. Clutter is the enemy of good feng shui. You must be ready to purge files and ruthlessly move out anything that is not a requirement. If your office is filled to the brim with "stuff," you are not leaving any room for the truly important things to fit into your life.

So clean out the clutter, and arrange your furniture in a pleasing manner in accordance with the rules of feng shui. Then consider adding one or two small objects, such as an aquarium or fountain, to help draw prosperity into your life.

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