Simple Halloween Costumes For Adults

Easy, and quick, Halloween costumes for adults and older teens.

Halloween is not just for kids. Adults can have a lot of fun getting dressed up and going to costume parties to celebrate the spooky holiday. Showing up at a Halloween party without a costume on is a major party foul. There are several simple Halloween costumes that you can create in very little time - and with very little money -- so that you can dress to impress for the party!

Scooby Scooby Doo, where are you?

The characters from the classic cartoon Scooby Doo make great Halloween costumes. To be Velma, find an orange turtleneck and a bright red skirt. You'll also need a pair of thick-rimmed black eye glasses, and if you do not have shoulder length brown hair, you will also need a short brown bob-style wig. Shaggy is also easy to replicate. All you need is a baggy faded green t-shirt and a pair of khaki-colored bell bottoms as far as wardrobe is concerned. To complete the look, wear a shaggy-haired men's wig on your head and a patch of hair on your chin.

Prom queen

If you've ever been a bridesmaid, then you already have the outfit for a classic prom queen costume. Add a tiara, and you're all set! If you want to make this a scary costume, add some fake blood. You can get it at your local costume store. If you have a silk nightgown in a pale color, you can recreate the classic "Kerry" prom look. All your date has to wear it is a tuxedo for the two of you to look fabulous together on Halloween.

Rock star

Rock star costumes are always a hit. Plus, you probably have articles of clothing at your home that you can use to create your costume. Tight, worn blue jeans are a staple of the rock star look. If you have acid washed jeans or some old jeans from the eighties, then that would be perfect. Use an excessive amount of hair gel to create a spiky rock style, similar to the eighties hair bands. Wear a flashy, tight collared shirt with the collar up and the sleeves torn at the shoulders. You can also get temporary tattoos in an array of styles to top off your costume. If you have very short "preppie" hair, then you could easily find a rocking wig at your local costume store. As far as an instrument is concerned, you should carry a guitar if you have one. If not, you can buy a pair of drumsticks to hold, or you could carry a microphone if you have one. Without an instrument or a microphone, you just aren't quite "rock star" enough for the Halloween party. If you have a favorite rock star, study their style and try to replicate it. For example, if you are a KISS fan, you can copy their white and black face paint look and their wild black hair.

A fairy

For a perfect mixture of sex appeal and whimsy, go with a fairy costume. Buy a leotard in a pale color, such as powder pink or baby blue. At your local craft store, purchase enough tulle to make your own tutu. Wrap the tulle around yourself at the waist, and firmly secure with a decorative ribbon. To make wings, shape wire hangers into for large petals, and cover the petals in white nylons. Secure all for petals together at their fulcrums, and then decorate the nylons with glitter and fabric paint. Once everything has dried, make two large loops in the back of your wings with ribbon to use as straps for your costume. You can find a wand at any toy store or you could make your own with items such as decorative pipe cleaners, glitter, and charms. You should bring a bag of glitter to sprinkle "fairy dust" on your friends at the party.

An athlete

One of the simplest possible costumes that you can select for a Halloween party is an athlete costume. If you want to be a baseball player, all you really have to do is wear baseball cap, some tight pants, and a shirt for a team that you love. Carry around your old glove and a bat, and you're all set! If you want to go all out, the baseball player costume at the local store is probably one of the cheapest items there. If you want to be a figure skater, all you have to do is wear a leotard and some tights and a tiny little sport skirt. Instead of wearing ice skates, just wear white boots that lace up. To look like an Olympic skater, use your personal computer to make a sign for your back that says your country and an identification number.

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