Simple Ideas And Activities For Children's Birthday Parties

A brief article with suggestions for simple ideas and activities for children's birthday parties.

Parents pass along horror stories of things that had happened at parties or they mentioned how much they spent. With a little planning, parties for your child can be a wonderful and affordable time. Keep in mind the age of the child for whom the party is being given. One and two year olds barely understand what is happening, while three and four year olds are getting a good idea. By age five or so, most children really love parties.

To decide on the number of children to invite, keep it around the same age as the celebrating child. For a two year old, two friends are probably plenty. Younger children are happy with a nice cake and candles, a couple good friends and presents. Keep portions of the cake child-sized, but remind everyone that there are seconds. Freeze leftover cake for dessert later. For older children, making a large batch of cupcakes can be a better option. Set out several flavors of icing and sprinkles, let the children ice and decorate their own cupcakes. Not only does this make the treat special, it is a great activity to keep them busy. If you are having the party at another location, not having to carry iced cupcakes or cake is a great thing.

Party favor bags have become a popular item at parties. Younger children want what everyone else has so try to keep the items in the bags identical. As they get older, the bags can be made with more unique items for each child. Keep this in mind if you are having a cake made. Have the baker create a decoration for each child. Be sure to have extras on hand of plates, cutlery, balloons and even extra goodie bags for those invariable accidents and surprise sibling arrivals. If there are quite a few children at the party, it is easiest to save the presents and have the child open them after the party is over. This technique can prevent may squabbles over new toys, be sure to mention it on the invitation so the parents can expect this.

Try to keep down to one or two activities. If you get too many different things going, children get overwhelmed, the mess increases and disaster looms. Create a couple of large boxes of various bits of clothing and have a dress-up time. Old shirts, shorts, dresses and hats can be a big hit. Have older children act out little skits with the clothing they chose. Plan for a craft activity based on the ages. There are plenty of easy craft ideas in books and on the Internet. This allows the kids to take home something from the party that they created.

If you or your friends have older children, have them help at parties for the younger children. Paying them is far cheaper than a professional and they will learn valuable skills. Be on hand to supervise and make sure the older children have easy to follow guidelines to help them.

Do not feel you have to be unique or different. Children love things that are familiar like videos. Serve pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches since most every child likes them. A simple party that goes off without a problem will be remembered by all for the good things that happened, instead of the bad.

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