Simple Sales Skills For Small Business Owners

Here are the sales skills you need to get you started on the way to becoming a small business extraordinaire.

Some people think that owning a small business is only for a special kind of individual. They imagine someone who is amazingly bright, good with numbers, and fiercely competitive.

Not so! Anyone can run a successful small business, they just have to acquire certain skills and strategies to help them along. Below are a just a few to get you started on the way to becoming small business extraordinaire.

The first skill you should fully develop when you are a starting a small business is advertising expertise. No, you won't have to go back to college or take a night-school class. All you have to do is keep your eyes open to new opportunities. Make your life your work. Make it blend fully and seamlessly. Sound impossible? It's not.

Keep business cards, coupons, or any other business promotions with you at all times, either in your car or in your purse. Every time you talk to someone in the super market slip them a business card. Chat up the person in line next to you at the DMV about your business, then slip them a card, too. Add a signature line to your emails advertising your latest sale.

Get a computer for your home that you can network with your work computer. Make sure that you can access your business email easily from home. Set up a website that can work for you while you relax.

Sponsor your kids baseball team and get your business ad on the jersey. Then wear caps with your business' logo on them to the games.

Volunteer your services, products, or advertising goods to charity auctions.

The point is to never let a day go by when you don't talk to someone about your business. This will grow it by leaps and bounds.

Next, you need to develop your organizational skills.

Make sure there is a place for everything in your office. Have a folder for receipts, a folder for bills, and a folder for invoices. As soon as you get one of these papers put it into the folder. All your folders should go into a file box or cabinet, not on your desk.

Never let things clutter your desk area, especially trash. Make sure you throw away anything that doesn't need kept. As soon as junk mail comes in the door trash it. Old sticky notes? Trash them! Pens that won't write? Trash them!

Keep your financial records straight by getting software to track every detail. Also make spreadsheets to keep up with inventory and tax deductible mileage.

Also sharpen your writing skills. Craft press releases to send to the local papers to advertise your business. Don't know where to start? Head to the library. There are several excellent books about writing good press releases. While you're there, pick up some books about writing your own ads and flyers.

As you can see it doesn't take a genius to start a small business, it just takes a person who is willing to learn and grow.

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