Simple Seasonal Door Decorations

ideas to create 10 simple door décor ideas that you can use throughout the year

Many people enjoy displaying seasonal decorations and wreaths on their door. However, this hobby can get very expensive. Follow these simple ideas to create 10 simple door décor ideas that you can use throughout the year.

1. For summer, purchase a basket made to hang against a wall or a door. This basket will look like a half basket, as it will be flat on one side. Line your basket with thick plastic to prevent it from leaking. Purchase floral foam and stuff it into your basket, inside the lining, after soaking it in water. Every week during your flower-growing season, cut fresh flowers from your garden and arrange in them your basket making sure that the foam remains damp enough to provide the flowers nourishment.

2. Take a week off from your summer arrangement during the Fourth of July holiday. Paint a simple wooden rectangular board in a flag design. To make the stars, purchase foam stamps from your local craft store. Paint a simple wooden board in a flag design. Remember that the United States Flag has thirteen stripes, seven, which are red, and the remaining six being white. You can paint a current version of the flag with 50 stars, or the old colony version of the flag with thirteen stars in a circle. This wooden flag can be stored and used year after year, as is, or by improving on it each year by adding different patriotic decorations.

3. In the fall, purchase a vine wreath form and add dried sunflowers left over from your summer garden.

4. For thanksgiving, purchase baby Indian corn and add it to your fall wreath. Another idea you can use is to purchase three large Indian corns and three miniature Indian corns. Secure them together at the stalks and tie them together with an earth-toned ribbon. Hang the arrangement on the door. It will look good enough to eat.

5. For Halloween, hang a small cauldron from the wreath hook on your door. In it, add a motion sensor that emits a scary laugh when the door is touched. On top of that, insert a battery operated moving hand. Add fake blood to the outside.

6. As winter approaches, recycle your vine wreath form and add pinecones to it. You can lightly spray paint it white or gold and glitter if you wish.

7. At Christmas or winter holiday time, take your winter wreath and add sprigs of red berries and a large plaid red bow.

8. In the late winter, after the holidays, you can pick up clearance Christmas wreaths for pennies on the dollar. Look for holiday wreaths that have little do with Christmas like a silver painted vine form. You can remove any extra Christmas embellishments. Add silver or blue bow. Purchase an extra clearance, vine wreath form for your spring door decorations. Make sure it is as simple as possible, or that all of the decorations can be removed.

9. As spring approaches, you can rush the arrival of springtime flowers, by making a springtime wreath for your door. Weave faux lily or lilac flowers into a wreath form and add a little plaque that says "Happy Spring".

10. At Easter time, add small painted wooden eggs and miniature Easter bunnies to your wreath. Replace the "Happy Spring" plaque with one that says "Happy Easter".

By this time, it will summer and you can dig out your door basket once again.

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