Skin Care: Do You Need A Fragrance Free Soap For Your Skin?

Choosing fragrance free soap according to your skin reaction. Ways of alternating fragrant soap usage.

Skin is a part of everyone's daily regime.Everywhere you look on the market there are various types of facial and body care soaps.Fragrance adds a luxurious touch to your routine and can wake up your senses, however for someone who has sensitive skin, fragrant soaps can be a nightmare. Have you ever wondered if you needed fragrance free soap for your skin?Sometimes the signs can be a little obvious:dry, irritated, itchy, red skin, and other times the signs may not be that evident.

If you find your skin a little dry and itchy and maybe a little red and irritated after you take a shower, or wash your face, then you could be allergic. If, however, you don't experience any of those things, but still want to know if you should use fragrant soaps, then when in doubt, don't use it; or better yet see your dermatologist first for a diagnosis of your skin type and for professional advice.

The skin on your face is a little bit more sensitive than the skin on your body.It's always best to use facial cleanser without any additives. A gentle soap to use for both your face and body is baby soap.It's inexpensive and very gentle. Shop around the next time you are in the drugstore or pharmacy.There are plenty of facial cleansers without any harsh additives, and are dermatologist proven to be used on sensitive skin. Always choose facial cleanser according to your skin type:dry, normal, oily, or combination. However for dry skin, it isn't suggested to use fragrant soaps at all because it can dry your skin out even more.

Many specialty body washes and body gels have fragrances and you should only use those type of soaps seldomly, or as a pamper treatment.Should you desire to have the affect of fragrance, then you could always use a body splash or spray after your shower, and spray it on your clothes and not your skin.

Most perfumes have a certain percentage of alcohol. Although the percentages may be very low in soaps, the fact is that it is present.Some people have very sensitive skin, and not only do they have to limit fragrant soaps, but they also have to limit fragrant laundry detergent, or make sure that laundry is thoroughly rinsed off of the residue. Leftover residue in laundry soaps can be more irritating to the skin and cause or lead up to a severe allergic reaction. Again, try to limit your usage of perfumed laundry detergent or rinse your laundry an extra time so that the water runs clear and not soapy.

You can still achieve healthy skin without or with the limitation of fragrance. It just takes a little compromise, patience in finding the correct soap whether it's laundry soap or bath soap.Always ask your doctor for some suggestions and even more tips.He/she will be able to give you a more diverse suggestion for what you can use for your particular skin type, so you can achieve healthy all over skin without all the harsh additives.

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