What Skin Types Should Not Use The Tanning Bed?

What skin types should not use the tanning bed? Tanning beds aren't made for everyone. Type I skinned people shouldn't tan, either at a salon or outside. There are people with what we call "Type I" skin....

There are people with what we call "Type I" skin. These are people who cannot tan outdoors without sunburning. There are people of perhaps Celtic or Northern European heritage who have extremely light skin. They maybe have a high number of freckles, and generally lighter colored eyes and blonde, auburn or red hair. These are people who cannot tan without sunburning, so we don't advocate that those people attempt to tan in an indoor tanning salon. That generally makes up about 5-8% of the American population. So, these people have to be very careful when tanning outdoors and certainly are not candidates to tan indoors. But the tanning facilities today do want to be part of the solution in helping even these people understand sunburn prevention outdoors. Indoor tanning salons today offer an alternative to ultraviolet induced tanning. We also offer what is known as spray-on tanning. Spray-on tanning simply is a new application of self-tanning lotion product that has been around for many years now. This enables people with very fair skin to get a cosmetic tan that they might find pleasing without risking sunburn.

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