Are Skirt Suits In?

How to choose the perfect skirt suit using fit, classic lines, and trendy accessories to stay in style.

Even though their design may change, skirt suits are always in style.A classic skirt and jacket combo is a must for every woman and with a multitude of options finding the perfect suit is easier than ever.

There are a few vital components in a timeless suit.Quality construction is essential.Look for rich fabrics like silk, linen and fine wool, full linings in both the jacket and the skirt, and quality work on details, stitching and buttons.There should be no puckering along seams or hems, and extra buttons and thread should be included.

To keep your skirt suit in style, pick one with simple, classic lines that can be updated with a blouse, pin, belt or scarf.Single breasted jackets are the most universally flattering and are more likely to stay in style. Avoid obvious trends, like ruffled skirts and asymmetrical cuts.They will only serve to date a suit.

Choose a suit in a timeless color. Grey, red, heather green, winter white and of course, black are all great choices.For fashion versatility and longevity, choose suits with a jacket and skirt in the same color and fabric.Don't be afraid of patterns.Pinstripes of all sizes, windowpane plaids, and bold Channel-inspired tweeds have been in style for years and are likely to remain in.

Most importantly, the perfect suit must have a perfect fit.For petites, the challenge often lies in finding a suit with the right combination of lengths in the skirt, jacket and sleeves.

Skirt and jacket lengths change from season to season.However, a classic, A-line skirt, cut just at, or slightly above the knee, teamed with a jacket that hangs high on the hip, should be a wardrobe staple for every woman. Make sure the jacket fits in the shoulders, bust and waist.You must be able to fasten every button with gapping. To help find the perfect fit, don't be afraid to combine different sizes in skirts and jackets if the pieces are sold separates.

Still can't find a perfect fit?Money spent for alterations at a good tailor is a solid investment. If you don't already have a great tailor, ask a quality woman's clothing store for a recommendation.A good tailor will require you to try on the suit and mark alterations to fit your frame.A suit with details at the cuffs and hemline may be costlier if the required tailoring is more difficult and time consuming.But a great fit is worth the added expense, especially considering that a classic suit can last for years and remain in style.

Accessories hold the key to keeping your suit in style, season after season. To keep your suit looking fresh and fashion forward this season, choose great accessories in the latest trends.Camisoles and soft, feminine cardigans are particularly hot this year and look great, especially when paired with a tailored suit.

Choose tailored blouses in the most popular colors - pinks of every shade from blushing corral to bubble gum, icy blue, kelly green and lemony yellow will help keep your suit hip.Try a new twist on the always fashionable man-tailored look by teaming a traditional skirt suit with a bold London-inspired striped shirt complete with french cuffs.Add trendy enameled cuff links, soft french knots in complimentary colors, or even use lengths of pretty ribbon tied in bows to add interest at the wrist.

A vintage or vintage-inspired brooch is a fashion trend that's still going strong.Wear them singly or group small pins together on a lapel.Search out unique and unusual pins at flea markets, on-line auctions and garage sales.

Adding a scarf at the neck or, even better, as a soft belt can be inspired.Again, look for scarves in fresh, current patterns and colors.They will keep your look in style and au courant at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new trendy suit.As an added benefit for petites, beautiful scarves are one of the few fashion items that really are one-size-fits all.

And finally, don't forget the impact shoes and handbags can have on your look.A stylish pair of sling-backs or trendy sandals paired with a modern purse can be the very pieces to tie your look together and add a breath of fresh air to your appearance.And a skirted suit offers the perfect opportunity to show off the latest shoe, from a fashionable pair of kitten heels to the latest high heel pumps.

By investing in a classic suit with beautiful lines and fabric, making sure of a perfect fit and drawing on the latest trends for accessories, your skirted suit will remain in fashion year after year.

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