Sleep Over Ideas For Preteens

Sleep over ideas, fun that will keep your friends entertained for hours.

Sleepovers set the stage for some of the best, funniest and outrageous memories you will ever create with your friends. If you're having a sleep over with several friends you'll want to plan activities to keep everyone entertained.

Invite your friends a week or two in advance and remind them to bring their sleeping bags and pillows so you can all hang out together in the wee hours of the morning in the living room or another large room of your house.

Traditional activities will keep your friends entertained for hours:

· Makeovers

· Truth or Dare

· Movie Marathons

· Scary Stories

Food is always a great way to begin. Pizza, tacos, hamburgers or hot dogs are good choices. You'll also want to have an assortment of chips and dips, cookies or other desserts to munch on throughout the night. You will also want to have an assortment of sodas.

Makeovers are fun and give you a chance to experiment with different make up and hairstyles. Ask each of your friends to bring make up from home (their own, or hand-me-downs from their moms, or sisters). Grab a partner and take turns transforming each other into gorgeous super models from head to toe. Top off the activity by taking glamour shots for your scrapbooks.

Here are the items you will need:

· Make up

o Base

o Powder

o Eyeliner

o Eyebrow pen

o Mascara

o Lip liner

o Lipstick (an assortment of colors)

o Blush

o Eye shadow (an assortment of colors)

Be sure to have cold cream on hand to remove make up before going to sleep.

· Hair

o Brush/comb

o Hot rollers

o Curling iron

o Blow dryer

o Hairspray/spritz

o Hair gel

o Hair bands, barrettes, hairpins

· Manicure

o Nail file (file and shape nails)

o Cuticle board (push cuticles back)

o An assortment of nail polish and nail polish remover for cleanup (paint nails)

· Pedicure

o Pan of warm water (soak feet for ten minutes)

o Epsom salt (pour a handful into warm water to soak feet)

o Buff pad (lightly buff off any rough areas on the heal of feet)

o Fingernail brush (brush the toenails after they soak)

o Nail file (file rough edges of toenails before painting)

o Nail polish (finish pedicure by painting two coats of nail polish on toenails)

Truth or dare has been around for a long time. Each generation brings new experiences and outrageous consequences to the game. If you've never played before, the basics are simple:

o Each person takes a turn (moving around the room to the left)

o The person on the right of the person asks, "Truth or dare?"

o If the person is afraid to answer the question, they can select the dare.

o The questions can get pretty personal, so a lot of people choose the dare

o The dares can be as simple as eating something weird like a peanut butter topped pickle, running around the house five times while saying, "Where is the door? I can't find the door?" or more daring feats such as making a phone call to a boy you like or writing a love letter then reading it to everyone. If you refuse to take the dare, you'd better not be the first to fall asleep or you might wake up with a whipped cream make over or worse.

Movie marathons are a great way to hang out after other family members have gone to bed and the noise level has to lower in volume. Scary movies are a group favorite followed by comedies. A selection of either will carry your group into the wee hours of the morning.

The "˜Mid-night Hour' brings eerie shadows, odd sounds and a host of bizarre possibilities. Turn the lights down low, or off if you dare, snuggle down into your sleeping bags and take turns telling your scariest stories. You might want to prepare for this activity by reading a few tall tale or ghost stories before your sleepover.

Still haven't had enough fun? Check your psychic abilities. Pull out a deck of cards, partner up, and take turns reading each other's minds. Stare at the card in your hand and think of the number, color and suit. If your partner successfully names any one of these correctly again and again"¦you'll be wondering what else they can see in your thoughts.

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