Slug Control

Tips on how to keep slugs out of your garden and how to rid of slugs that have all ready invaded.

Have those slimy creatures with names to fit their appearance, or what are better known as slugs invaded your garden? Well, hopefully the proceeding tips will help you rid of the ugly beings.

Below you will find different ways to keep out or get rid of the pests, with inventive names such as: Drunken Slugs, River of Salt, Sticky Situation, and Humanitarian. There is a way for every type of person.

Drunken Slugs

Use this method only if you're 21 years old or over, or if you have permission from your parents.


tuna fish cans (or cans like them, cat food cans work just as well. How many you will need depends on the size of your garden), any type of beer (slugs don't care whether or not it's good. Here's a way to get rid of any skunky beer too), and a trowel (or a child's beach shovel will work as well)


1. Open the tuna fish can's and use them for lunches or dinners or whatever and then rinse them out very well.

2. Go out to your garden and dig holes evenly spaced out in your garden with your trowel that will fit the tuna cans.

3. Place the cans in the holes that you dug, so that the top of the can is exactly level with the top of the hole.

4. Open a can of beer and pour it into the tuna cans, so that they are filled about ½ or ¾ of the way full.

5. Leave the traps to do their duty.


What will happen is that when you go out the next day to check your traps, you will find drowned slugs in your traps. You see, slugs are attracted to the smell of the beer and will move to find it. When the get to the trap they will crawl inside to take a drink. Even a slug mouthful of beer will cause them to become drunken and disoriented enough, so that they cannot find their way out of the can and then they will drown.

River of Salt

May create problems if it rains due to the amount of salt required

Materials: large container of salt, cut pieces of cardboard (enough so that it lines the outside of your garden), plastic wrap, and a trowel


1. Cut out the pieces of cardboard, so that they have a bottom and two sides and no tops and holes on the ends (i.e. end view).

2. Wrap the cut pieces of cardboard in the plastic wrap to keep the moisture from the ground from ruining the cardboard.

3. Go out to your garden and dig trenches with your trowel all along the outside edge of your garden that are wide enough to fit your cardboard (make sure you have enough cardboard to fit the length of your trench).

4. Place the cardboard into the trench so that the top of the sides are level with the top of the trench.

5. Fill your cardboard trench with salt.


Anyone who can remember back to their childhood and poured salt on slugs to watch them dry up and shrivel, knows that salt is not a slugs friend. Therefore, your salt trench will provide a good barrier from the slimy pests because if a slug tries to wade through it, they will cease to exist.

Sticky Situation

requires getting near the slimy beasts


black plastic (like garbage bags), and stakes or long nails


1. Go out to your garden and place the black plastic around the outside of your garden.

2. Stick the plastic in place by staking or nailing the ends down.


When a slug goes to enter your garden on a sunny day it will have to ooze its way acroos the black plastic. On a sunny day the plastic will be so hot that it will heat the slug's slime and the slug will then become stuck to the plastic, so the next day you can go out and pick up the plastic and simply throw the pests away.


Good for naturalists and humanitarians


money, transportation, and a trowel


1. Find a way to get to your nearest garden/plant store.

2. Go up to a salesperson and ask them where they have the plants that have been engineered to keep away slugs (yes, they actually have certain flowers and plants that have been genetically engineered, so that slugs are not attracted to them).

3. Go to the cashier and make your purchase.

4. Go home.

5. Plant your new purchases.


This way may be more expensive, but if you are a person who hates to harm living creatures, it will give you more peace than the other ways.

Your garden should now be relatively safe from slugs. On the other hand, there are other pests that can invade your garden. If there are other pests in your garden, consult your local garden store professionals. Happy gardening!

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