Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber party ideas that your pre-teen or teen daughter will love! Follow this plan for a Day Spa Theme.

Adolescence, by far, is the hardest stage of life for anyone to live through. Raging hormones pulling the body toward adulthood while the child inside still yearns to play with toys. It is not an easy time for either the adolescent or his/her family. However, one of the things that both preteens and teens long for is to be treated as adults. You can satisfy this need by throwing a memorable slumber party for your daughter using a Day Spa Theme.


*white or flesh-colored card stock

*colored markers

*wash basins

*peppermint foot cream


*assorted nail polish

*Polaroid camera and/or disposable cameras

*makeup mirrors

*relaxing music

*scented candles

*teen magazines showing hairstyles/makeup ideas

Enlist your daughter's help in making the invitations. For each invitation, the card stock should be folded in half to form a 5½ x 8½ card. Have your daughter trace her hand by placing her thumb and side of hand on the fold. Cut out the hand shape, leaving the fold intact. Using markers, she can add nail polish and rings to each "hand".

Inside each card, she can record the details of the party, including a supply list for each guest. The supply list should include a bottle of nail polish to share, personal makeup, robe or suitable attire for lounging, personal shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer, mousse, gel, hair spray and any teen magazines that contain hair and makeup ideas.

In preparing your home for the actual party, the most important step is to rid your house of men! If your husband and/or sons are so inclined, perhaps they could be persuaded to have a father and son camping trip, or some other outing. If this idea fails, the party could be given in a rec room that is equipped with a washroom.

The party area can be set up in "stations" - hair washing, hair styling, pedicure, manicure, makeup, and food. Ambience is important for this party. Once the stations are set up, arrange candles around the area to be used and play some relaxing classical or nature-based music. The beauty magazines can be placed near the different stations for easy reference.

Don't forget to take a BEFORE picture of each girl as she arrives and an AFTER picture when the festivities are over. Of course, DURING pictures may also be taken. These photos will be a great reminder of a wonderful party!

Once all guests have arrived, all names should be put into a hat. Each girl will draw a name to choose a partner with whom to work. Each girl will take a turn as both a beautician and a client. Then girls can circulate through the different stations, washing and styling hair, giving pedicures and manicures, and applying makeup.

Food can be supplied throughout the party, with girls helping themselves as they wish. Food can consist of a combination of munchies such as chips and dip, easy-to-make cheese quesadillas, and sparkling grape juice served in wine glasses. A decadent dessert such as cheesecake would round out the menu.

Your daughter will long remember this evening and be flattered to be treated just like a grownup attending a day at a spa!

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