Small Business Help: The Essential Loss Prevention Equipment For Your Store

Make criminals think twice about stealing from your store. Learn about the loss prevention equipment you need to protect your business from theft.

Owning a store can be a very rewarding experience, but it has its drawbacks, one of which is dealing with theft. Although, most of your customers have no intention of robbing you blind, it's naïve to believe your shop won't be victimized. You and your employees will often be too busy to watch for suspicious activity; therefore, it's important you use loss prevention equipment to discourage criminals and prevent stealing in your store.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Devices

EAS tags and labels can be placed on most, if not all, of the merchandise in your shop, and EAS sensory gates and stables can be positioned at exits to detect those tags and labels suddenly leaving the store in a shoplifter's bag or coat. EAS systems are expensive, but their effectiveness makes them worth the cost.

You can attach tags to clothing, and place labels on most firm goods such as jewelry, electronics, and small appliances. Some tags even release indelible ink to prevent tampering. Also, recycled tags are available at reduced prices for store owners on a budget.

Security Cameras

Closed-circuit security cameras placed throughout your store can serve as a deterrent to thieves. Images from the cameras are transmitted to surveillance monitors that allow you to view much of the activity in your shop. Most of these systems are fairly easy to install, and some even use wireless technology.

Unfortunately, a few of your customers may view the presence of cameras as an invasion of their privacy, so you may wish to make your equipment somewhat inconspicuous. This can be done by hiding cameras in specially-designed smoked domes that can be placed on ceilings


Convex mirrors allow you to see down aisles and around corners. They help eliminate blind spots located in your store, and can be mounted on ceilings and walls. Mirrored ceiling tiles are also available, making surveillance easy for all your employees. In addition, see-through mirrors can increase your store's security, especially in fitting rooms.

Counterfeiting Detection Devices

Counterfeiters can cost your store a lot of real money, but their misdeeds are fairly preventable if you use one or more of the effective counterfeiting detection devices on the market. These gadgets may utilize ultraviolet or fluorescent light, magnets, or chemical solutions to check the authenticity of money coming into your store. And many of these devices are small and simple enough for a cashier to use during his or her job.

Alarms and Locks

Alarms can be placed at entrances, exits, and windows to combat burglary. You may also wish to put alarms on display cabinets containing your expensive items. The mere presence of these alarms can discourage a shoplifter, so you may also want to clearly mark them inside your store. Also, locks should be used to secure doors, cases, and cabinets.


Signs warning shoplifters of alarms or security cameras can be posted throughout your store, even if you don't have the actual equipment installed. Criminals will just think your surveillance is skillfully concealed. Of course, this measure is only a deterrent, but it may be the only option for the store owner with limited funds.

By using loss prevention equipment in your store, you can reduce theft, not eliminate it. But your business will gain the reputation of being a tough place to steal from, and deter criminals looking for an easy target.

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