Small Children And Bathtime

Make bathtime esier! Are there problems when bathing your small children? Learn how to change a bath to enjoyment for you and your child.

Are you having problems with your small child in the bathtub? Let's change that to an enjoyable time for both of you. First of all, let's set some rules for the bathtub. Maybe you are even having problems with her not wanting to take a bath at all: maybe she cries when you tell her,'it's time for your bath' and you yell and drag her to the bathtub. Let's not drag and yell: it accomplishes nothing

but stress on both the child and the parent.

Sit down and think about why she doesn't want to take a bath. Are you using the correct shampoo, putting a rag over her eyes when you pour the water to rinse her hair, etc.? All of these things can determine her not wanting to take a bath in the bathtub. You could even get some little swimming goggles or a sun visor for her to put on when you are washing her hair: make it fun to wash her hair. Pile her hair up and make lots of suds and let her see how pretty she looks full of suds in her hair. Tell her she is maybe a soap princess, she'll love that. Take a picture of

her hair with the soap suds all piled on top: she'll love that too.

If your schedule permits try to have the bathtime at the same time everyday, if your choose after supper and before bedtime, then be consistent and she will realize the bath will be coming at that time. Then you might tell her that she will be having her bath time in ten minutes.

Soon you'll be telling her, 'Well, it's time to get

out of your bath' and she'll be saying, 'Oh no, I

want to stay in my bathtub.' You can motivate her to bathe and also to get out of the tub, just make it enjoyable.

Give her some time in the tub either before or after bathing to have a few toys, maybe a baby doll that can get wet and that will make her want to get in the bathtub more also. Then when you are ready for her to get of the bathtub, have that nice fluffy bathtowel really soft and smelling great ready to wrap her in it and to dry her. Hold the towel like it is a magic towel and make it more fun, then you will both be laughing and giggling together and having that wonderful time together as you should. Don't repeat over and over you need to get out of the tub, just say it once and tell her it is time and don't argue with

her about this, remember, you are the parent and you are in control and this can be done easily without fussing.

So get a schedule, get out that magic towel, the special dolly or toys for the bathtub and spend that time in the bathroom with your child and enjoy it as much as possible, after all they do grow up really soon.

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