Small Room Decorating

Learn some simple techniques for decorating a small room to look bigger!

It seems that every house or apartment has at least one small room in it. This small space can be a spare bedroom or other. While you may be stuck with this small room, you can use some easy decorating tips to help make the room look bigger and seem roomier!


You can paint the room in a variety of light-colored shades. Pastel colors are most effective in creating a peaceful setting, while they increase the lightness of the room. Dark colors make the room look smaller than it really is. In fact, some colors can actually make the room feel like the walls are coming in on you, so avoid dark colors, or save them for large, spacious rooms. For the fullest effect of space, you should not paint the walls the same color as the ceiling. You could paint the walls a pastel color, but cover the ceiling in a clean white finish.This will not only help to break-up the room, but the white ceiling will help to reflect much-needed light. The lighter the room, the bigger it appears to be. Or, for another broken-up effect, you could paint three of the walls using one pastel color, and then paint the fourth

in a lighter or slightly darker shade of the same color.


Wallpapering is always a good decorating technique that can help turn a ho-hum looking room into a more appealing space. In choosing wallpaper for a small room, though, it is most important that you choose a pattern that does not contain large flowers or designs. Choose a pattern that has small designs in it. This will help give the visual effect that the room is larger than it actually is. You could choose to mix painting with wallpapering by painting three of the walls and wallpapering the fourth wall.


Mirrors are an absolutely terrific way to decorate at least one whole wall, or a part of a wall in a small room.

Mirrors give us the illusion that whatever room they are in is larger than it really is. Good decorating helpers are square mirror tiles. These can be purchased at your local home supply store and are not very expensive. This type of special mirror has a very sticky adhesive on the back, and are covered by a waxed-type paper. To install these mirrors, you simply peel away the paper cover and position the mirror tile into place. You can use your creativity and place the mirror tiles in whatever pattern you choose.

Furniture and Effects

No matter what size of room you have, if it is cluttered, the room will appear to look smaller than it really is. And, of you are working on decorating a small room, your goal is for a roomier, cleaner appearance. To get that effect, you will want to choose small furniture, and not very much of it. Remember, you want to avoid a cluttered look. Use the least amount of furniture that you can, and make sure the furniture you choose is functional, not just pretty.

Knick knacks are always a popular effect to use in decorating any room. Knick knacks are fine, as long as there are not too many of them put into one room, and they are not too big and clunky. Choose small effects such as a few knick knacks or pictures for a small room.

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