Snack Ideas: Great Ice Cream Creations

When kids are bored, try some of these creative deserts, designed to entertain as well as to eat.

Ice cream is a great snack favorite among children everywhere - and the more creative the concoction, the more delighted they become. Whether you throw together a special little sundae yourself, or turn it into a fun-time project for the kids, you're sure to have a winner if the presentation is right. Here are some great combinations that are sure to please the youngest members of the family.


This is very easy to put together and is just yummy to eat. All you need to make this exciting ice cream snack is a 9 ounce plastic cup, softened chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbs and gummy worms. Simply fill the plastic cup with the softened chocolate ice cream until it's approximately ½" from the top of the cup - or the lip. Top with ½" of crushed cookie crumbs and integrate gummy worms into the "dirt" top, in a random pattern. This is absolutely delicious and offers a variety of textures that the youngsters will love.


For this creation, you'll need two cookie sheets, cookie cutters, softened ice cream (any flavor) and sprinkles or other decorations that are appropriate for a frozen treat. Begin by spreading softened ice cream on a frozen cookie sheet (both sheets should be placed in the freezer a few hours before the project begins, in order to get them thoroughly chilled) until the surface is covered with a consistent height of approximately 1 inch, and then freeze until very firm. When frozen, remove both cookie sheets from the freezer and, using cookie cutters, create a variety of fun shapes, sprinkle or decorate with candy and refreeze until completely firm.


This is a great way for kids to build their very own ice cream creations, using just a few ingredients and lots of imagination. You'll need one or more flavors of ice cream, cones, muffin pan liners and decorations which can include sprinkles, decorator candy pieces, maraschino cherries, chocolate or other flavored chips, nuts or anything else that you know the youngsters might like. Place a scoop of ice cream in each muffin liner, place a cone on the top (as the clown's hat) and let the kids loose to create their own clown faces and do their own decorating. If children are old enough whipped cream can be used to create a ring of "curly" clown hair around the edge of the cone hat.


While this may take a bit longer than some of the other creations, it is absolutely delicious and combines the cake and ice cream classics in a unique way. Hollow out cupcakes (any flavor will do - use the family favorite) and fill the hollow with any flavor ice cream. Freeze overnight, or until the ice cream is solid. Removing only two or three from the freezer at a time to avoid melting, cover the ice cream cupcake with white frosting to resemble an igloo and use a toothpick to make a variety of lines on the cupcake so that its construction resembles ice blocks. If you prefer, you can use decorator frosting or candies to make an outline of a door. Refreeze until ready to serve.


Cookies and ice cream are the foundations of this children's treat which highlights the flavors of oatmeal and raisins. Simply place ½ cup of vanilla ice cream on the flat side of one oatmeal cookie, top with a second cookie and gently squeeze until the ice cream pushes out toward the edges to become parallel with the cookies' sides. Mix chopped peanuts and raisins in a very shallow dish and roll the cookie sandwich in it - ice cream side down - until the entire exposed area of the ice cream has been coated.


Either a pre-made plate-size chocolate chip cookie (you can purchase these in the bakery section of most grocery stores) or brownies that have been baked in an 8" round pan can be used as the foundation for this luscious sundae. Spread a 2" layer of ice cream on the surface of it, top with marshmallow sauce (or substitute with your favorite sauce flavor) and embellish with crushed Oreos, Nestlé's Crunch bits, nuts and M&Ms. Of course, any of the "pizza" toppings can be substituted to include items that are more to your liking. After the pizza sundae has been built, slice and serve - some may prefer to chill before doing so. Kids will absolutely love this, and can have fun putting on the toppings, as well.


These are both delicious and entertaining to make - and kids can create their own Uncle Sam. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a plate and return it to the freezer until it hardens (one scoop per plate, if there are two or more children). While you wait for the ice cream to become firm, the youngsters can make Uncle Sam hats. Have them begin by applying a strip of blue fruit leather to the outside rim of an ordinary wafer cone (not the long, pointed sugar cones, but the classic short, flat-bottomed type). They can do so by using white frosting as cement. Using red decorator frosting (or gel), make vertical stripes - evenly spaced - around the length of the cone's exterior. Then, using blue decorator frosting or gel, make a horizontal stripe around the exterior of the cone's small end. Apply a star tip to a tube of white decorator frosting and make evenly spaced stars around the blue strip of fruit leather. Next, remove the ice cream from the freezer, place the hat on top, place blue M&M eyes and a red M&M nose on the ice cream "face" and squirt a whipped cream beard around the base of the ice cream. The result is a unique, colorful snack that the kids will be proud of having made on their own.


Ice Cream Duckies are delightful little creations that are especially fun for younger children. For this project, you'll need muffin papers, vanilla ice cream (or lemon sherbet), orange gumdrops and chocolate chips. To begin, spread out a muffin paper on a small plate and place a large scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center - this will be used as the body of the duck. On the top front side of the body, flatten a spoonful of ice cream with the underside of the spoon to create the illusion of a neck (this will also help to cement the head to the body of the duck). Next, place a small scoop of the ice cream on the "neck" area and press slightly, so that the ice cream melds, to create the duck's head. Finally, press chocolate chips into the head to create eyes, and press in half of a long orange gumdrop to create a mouth. For the feet, cut another long orange gumdrop in half, using one for each foot by pressing them into the base of the body. The result is an adorable little duck that's as fun to look at as it is to eat - you might want to have a camera handy for this project.

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