Soap Making Instructions

Soap making instructions: an easy way to make home made soaps, this is something even the kids can get involved in and really have fun!!

Whether your interests lie in money making or just for fun, soapmaking can be great fun for the whole family. There are two ways to go about making homemade soaps; you have CP or Cold Process Soap and you also have MP or Melt and Pour. MP is by far the easiest way and a better way for children to get involved in making soaps. I will touch on both methods of making soaps and we'll start out with Melt and Pour.

This is a list of what you will need for MP soap:

-MP Soap base

-Microwavable bowl

-Molds ( soap, candy or even jello molds, just about anything has the potential to be a good soap mold!!!)

-Fragrance (make sure this is a fragrance that is compatible with skin, don't try candle scents or things of that nature unless you are sure they do not have any sort of allergic reactions to the person using the soap)

-Alcohol in a spray bottle

1. First, you need to start with a good M & P soap base. These can often be found at craft stores and are a fine choice if this will be a small project. If you plan to make A LOT of soaps then I suggest you find soap companies on the internet, that sell in LARGE quanties at discounted prices. Do a search for soap supplies or something of that nature to find some great companies and compare their prices.

You can choose from a clear glycerine or an opaque (white), either MP is fine and it is totally

your preference whether you want a clear or white soap.

2. Next, break off enough MP base for the amount of soap you want to make. ( More can always be added if you don't have enough to fill your molds at first).

3. Place in a microwavable bowl & melt. Heat only until melted, you don't want to overheat!

4. Remove from microwave - Be Careful !!! The melted soap Will Be HOT!!

5. Add the fragrance you have chosen, stir and pour into molds.

6. Mist the soap lightly after pouring into molds to remove any air bubbles. You will be able to see the air bubbles coming to the surface of your soap.

7. Leave molds undisturbed until hardened, (the amount of time will depend on the size of your mold).

(After soap is done, if you have trouble getting the soap out of the molds just slip them into to the freezer for a few minutes and they should pop out much easier for you).

There are a zillion things you can add to your soaps to personalize them for you and your friends and family. For children you may want to add a plastic toy or somthing small that will fit into the soap. Larger bath toys could be put on top of the soap and cling to the top as the soap hardens. If you use toys in your soaps you will need to spritz them with alcohol before putting them in the soap to help adhere them to the soap.

Also Essiential Oils like Tea Tree, Rosemary or others can be added when you add your fragrance. Imagination is the key to these soaps, there are also different soap recipies on the internet that might be fun to try.

CP or Cold Process Soap is by far more detailed because you are actually making your own soap base. Because there is such a process that you have to follow, it would take me many, many pages to give you detailed instructions on cold process soap.

Have fun and above all be creative. There are so many things you can do with soaps. If you are really serious about soapmaking, I suggest that you go as much research as you can before beginning your project.


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