If Your Social Security Number Is Stolen, Are You Responsible For Those Taxes?

If your social security number is stolen, are you responsible for those taxes? You are responsible for taxes filed or unfiled under your SSN. Yes ma'am. Now that is a very serious problem. A lot of times...

Yes ma'am. Now that is a very serious problem. A lot of times they didn't have a fake social security card, they just write down a fake number. Now with the new laws, when you go to work for someone, you have to have two sources of identification and one of them is usually a social security card. But they could have a fake social security card. I had a client just last month in Oregon and he has never been to this town in Southern California, but somebody used his social security number and he is responsible for the taxes. You cannot fully protect your social security number. Let's say that my social security number was 1234567. A person can makeup a social security number with that number and they can use that a fake card. Certainly, it is a number that we want to keep protected and not give out to just anybody. But people will just use your number. They don't steal your card. You didn't go to Michigan and somebody stole your card. You are still in Texas. Somebody didn't come down here and steal your card out of your purse and then go back to Michigan and use your social security card. They just made up a fake card and happened to pick your number; that's why social security fraud is from all over. One has to provide documentation if this happens. They are not innocent until proven guilty. They are guilty until proven innocent.

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