The Socratic Method Of Teaching

The Socratic or question and answer method is explained.

When teachers try to educate the value of questions they are recognizing the need for answers. There are lots of methods of teaching but still after centuries the question and answer method is still used with excellent results.

When a child becomes old enough to form words and speak, he begins to ask questions and requires answers. As he grows he asks more and more questions and wants more and more answers and this is how he learns. He is stimulated by a teacher in this way. It is a process of learning and helps to improve the student mentally. When a teacher teaches he stimulates and direct the activity of the learner.

When the mind hears a question then the thinking becomes that of solving a problem. By the teacher asking a question he is in a sense demanding a response of some kind. The student will search his mind and perhaps his books for the answer to give to the teacher as his mind has been stimulated and is active. The mind has something to do and the mind wants to give the answer. This stimulates the entire class to participate and answer the questions thus a teacher needs to have the ability to ask good questions. If a teacher can give good questions to the class then he becomes an excellent teacher as he is stimulating mental growth in his students. Sometimes questions are not asked by some teachers and they are not stimulating the minds of the students and thus are not good teachers. A teacher needs to think and plan ahead the questions he will ask of the students in his class.

By the use of questions to obtain answers a teacher is able to evaluate each of his student's as to their individual knowledge of the subject and can use these tools to improve the students that need improvement in his class. He can determine how each student evaluates each question and can plan ahead the questions for his class to better teach his lessons.

Sometimes a teacher will have one or more students in his class that are behind the rest in knowledge and by the questions he asks he is able to make the correct determination. He needs to ask questions that can be understood by the class to establish a good relationship between student and teacher. He can lead a student to higher levels of learning. A teacher can change the attitude of a student from not wanting to learn to stimulated learning by his questions. Good questioning can give a student the opportunity to express his own thoughts in his own words by his answers. The student will grow

in knowledge by the teacher directing his growth and learning. He should rise to higher levels in the growth of his mind, his spirit and his individual personality. The teacher using the question and answer method of teaching can keep in constant contact with the minds of the students in his class.

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