Soft Dolls For Young Children

Young children love to cuddle soft dolls, make one that will be your childs favorite for years to come.

Most babies and young children love soft dolls to cuddle, love and generally drag around. Finding one that is sturdy enough to take all the love a child can dish out as well as being washable can be hard. Why not design and make one for your child. As your child gets older they will appreciate that it was stitched with love, and care just for them.

Choose a soft, washable fabric such as terrycloth, or lightweight denim. Depending upon the finished size you will need about a quarter yard of material. You will also need stuffing, you can either purchase a good quality polyester fill, or save pantyhose, cut into small pieces to stuff your doll with. The amount you will need will again depend upon the finished size, and how stiff you want to make the doll. Remember though most children prefer stuffed dolls that are soft and squishy.

You will need to cut two circular pieces for the head, and four rectangles for the arms, as well as two rectangles for the body. The rectangles for the body should be about twice the width of the ones for the limbs. The limb rectangles should be about 1 1/2 times as long as the diameter of the head. The exact measurements don't really matter, as long as you and your child hare happy with the finished size.

Start by stitching the two circular headpieces together, wrong sides together, except for about a two inch opening that will become the neck. Turn the pieces inside out and stitch again, This will help insure that your masterpiece will not come apart no matter how much your child hugs, and cuddles the doll. Turn again and mark the facial features. You can either embroider the facial features on, or use a fabric paint to mark them. Fabric paint will last longer under a child's tender loving care though, so do take that into consideration when planning.

Stitch the limbs and body parts using the same double seam technique that you used for the head, remembering to leave a small opening for stuffing. When stitching the limbs and body round the corners gently to create a rounded effect.

To create hands and feet on the doll, stuff a small segment at the end of the limbs and use a double line of stitching to hold it in place. Stuff half of the remaining length and double stitch to create knee and elbow joints. Finish by stitching the ends of each piece closed. When stuffing the body use a little less stuffing so that it is softer this will cause the limbs to flop more.

Now assemble the pieces to create the doll. Hair can be stitched on by hand. Don't leave the hair to long since they young children do put everything in their mouths. Loops are usually better, it will give your child a way to grab hold of the doll. If you want to dress your doll so that your child can practice dressing and undressing the doll, remember to make the clothing loose and easy to remove.

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