How To Get The Best Software Prices

Finding the best prices on full-version software.

Software prices use to mean one thing: A large expense! Whether purchasing an operating system, word processor, an entertainment title, or any full end piece of software, the result was always a thinner wallet. Those days are not necessarily gone, but you can definitely spend less than suggested retail price for a needed or wanted title.

When computers first started moving into nearly every average household, the desire for 'new' titles started to grow. Oftentimes, this will mean that last seasons titles are revamped, given a few new bells and whistles, boxed into shiny, new, eye-catching packaging, and shelved right next to last seasons titles. What happens to last season's prices? They are usually discounted by as much as 50% or more off the original retail price. What are you missing by buying the 'old' version? This is the good part...most likely absolutely nothing. The older version is still a legal copy. Registering it online will likely give you access to all available updates. Some features may be only available in the 'newer' version, but by comparing one version to the next, you will be able to identify if the savings are worth it. One thought to keep in mind, most software users rarely use the full potential of software, and other than a fancier new front-end, an average user will not even be able to identify the differences from one version to another.

Buying discounted software online is also a good way to save. Dealing with reputable companies is the best way to make sure you will be purchasing legal software. Most online stores now have their own version of the clearance aisle. Other companies have actually grown around the 'new' software phenomenon and have made a business out of clearance software, or older, but very useable titles. Do a search for cheap software or clearance software on any major search engine. Many of these outlets offer software as low as $5.00. These are full version titles, not shareware, or freeware. They also often offer other computer related items, such as printers and ink cartridges at equally deep discounted prices.

Discounts for software can also be found through association with certain organizations. Educational organizations are one example. Many times these discounts are available simply by being a parent or grandparent of a student. Check online by typing in 'discount educational software' in any search engine. Inquire of your local school if the have any programs available also. One school I know of offered a top of the line multimedia encyclopedia for a deep-discount over suggested retail price by purchasing the encyclopedia in bulk via pre-paid orders. Schools are not the only organizations that offer such programs though. A bead club I know of offered a similar offer for bead design software by making a bulk purchase and passing down the savings to club members.

Coupons and rebates are another way to save on software. Many software titles will offer on-package rebates for 'upgrades' or 'multiple' purchases. Coupons can be found online by typing in 'software coupon' or 'online coupon', in any major search engine. Most coupons will be for the stores themselves, such as, rather than for a particular software title.

Purchasing a new computer? Large companies, such as Gateway and Dell, often have software packages at deep discounts available 'at the time of purchase'. This can save a buyer hundreds of dollars on top of the line word processing suites, high-end graphic programs and even gaming bundles. If you are buying your computer from a small store, it pays to ask if they can offer you similar discounts, especially if you wish to purchase a costly program.

The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for software is to comparison shop. Just because a price is X amount of dollars at one place, do not assume it will be the same everywhere. It truly pays to shop around!

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