Where Does Someone Learn About And Get Ideas For Making Jewelry?

Where does someone learn about and get ideas for making jewelry? I get a lot of ideas from magazines. Also when friends ask me to make something for a special occasion or to match a particular outfit,...

I get a lot of ideas from magazines. Also when friends ask me to make something for a special occasion or to match a particular outfit, it usually sparks ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere, there is inspiration everywhere.

Q: Is jewelry making an easy hobby to pick up?

Absolutely. It's probably one of the easiest things that I have ever done. I do rubber-stamping also. Beading is so much easier in my opinion. Even for someone who has never done it before, they could make a simple bracelet in less than an hour.

It just depends how elaborate you want to get. A simple bracelet can be as easy as stringing beads on a wire and adding a clasp. If you into something more intricate like sewing a pattern of beads together, then it's going to take longer obviously. I have people in my classes all the time who are just amazed at what they are able to make and come back to the next class with something they've designed on their own. It's a great feeling for me to share that passion with them.

Q: Are there instructions that teach someone how to make jewelry?

There are resources all over the Internet. Just type in "beading techniques" or "beading tutorials". Most bead stores also offer classes. A really great resource are the beading magazines. Every month they have new projects and they will show you step by step how to do it. Beading is very popular right now, so you will find beading conventions all over the convention. There is just a ton of information out there.

Sometimes I get ideas from a piece of jewelry in the store and then I put my own twist on it.

Q: Where can one find classes?

Local bead stores and bead conventions usually always have classes. It is more costly to take a class at a bead convention than it is at your local bead store. I have a few kits on my own website that I sell with step by step instructions. And there are several places online where you can buy kits with diagrams and instructions.

Bead and Button magazine is an absolute excellent resource.

Their website is Beadandbutton.com. And they have the largest bead show in country. We are fortunate that it comes to Milwaukee every June.

Q: What is the best way for a beginner to learn about jewelry making?

I think starting with a fairly simple stringing project is the best way. I have a friend who lives in New York I sent her a piece of jewelry as a gift. She was very intrigued and couldn't believe that I made it. She was going through a very stressful period and I said, "Let me send you a bead kit because when you are beading it takes your mind off everything else and it is such a good therapy." She was able to follow the directions and created herself a beautiful piece of jewelry and found that it's a de-stressor for her.

So you can learn from magazines or from kits. A beginning bead class at your local bead store is also a good place to start. When I first started buying beads, it was because they were beautiful and I just collected them. Finally I decided I better start doing something with them. And I started looking in magazines for projects to try. Most people they get hooked right away.

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