If Someone Is Panicking In Water, How Would You Coach Them To Come Out Of It?

If someone is panicking in water, how would you coach them to come out of it? Tip for swimmers to recover after panicking in the water. Well, there are two ways. First of all, the body is oriented. If...

Well, there are two ways. First of all, the body is oriented. If you are trying to learn these things on your own, then probably what you are going to do is be struggling to go vertical in the water, feet low, hips low, chest with everything kind of stacked in an up and down line. The person struggling with their hands and their feet are trying to keep their head above water. As they are gasping, they are using up all the good oxygen in their body and you have to remember one really important thing, oxygen is buoyancy. The more air you hold in your lungs the easier its going to be to float. When people start to hyperventilate, they lose that oxygen and that makes them heavier in the water. So couple of things, take deep breaths and lay back in the water. Try to go horizontal, not vertical. Even if a little bit of water gets in your nose and things, hold your breath, relax and slow down. If you are not that confident, don't go in deep water.

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