Sore Throat Home Remedy

Learn sore throat home remedy. Also, learn to identify whether your sore throat is just a pain, or perhaps something more serious.

Sore throats are among the most common of ailments and concerns of those seeking health care. That itchy, scratchy, dry, raw feeling in the back of your throat can have many causes from a simple cold to serious infection.


During Winter months, viral outbreaks and respiratory diseases run rampant through schools, nursing homes, communities and families. Sore throats often signal the onset of a cold or the flu. If your sore throat precedes symptoms of cold or flu, such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and fatigue, your throat pain will be self-limiting and most likely, clear on its own as your body fights off the respiratory disease. You can ease sore throat pain by following traditional or alternative therapies.


Over-the-counter pain medication.


Drink extra fluids.

Gargle with warm salt water.


CHAMOMILE, taken every few hours, will ease pain and reduce inflammation. Chamomile tea is particularly effective in treating pain because of its soothing nature, and can be taken by all age groups.

SAGE is another popular alternative medicine used in the treatment of sore throats. Sage is beneficial in treating pharyngitis and other throat pains by reducing inflammation and protecting the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

GARLIC, a natural antibiotic, can be helpful in the speeding up of recovery and removal of bacteria, especially if your sore throat is caused by the flu or bacterial infection. Garlic can be taken in pill form by all age groups.

ICELAND MOSS helps to stimulate appetite and relieve dry, scratchy throats caused by inflamed tissue. Iceland Moss is best taken in tincture form, several times daily and works well on those with sore throats brought about by the flu or respiratory disease.


Next to the common cold, Pharyngitis is the most common throat inflammation and infection.


Sore throat.

Tickle in the throat.

Feeling of a "lump" in throat area when swallowing.

Throat that is red or has grayish sores.



Difficulty swallowing.


Pharyngitis is an infection that caused by viruses or bacteria.


Most cases of Pharyngitis are self-limiting and clear on their own with 3-7 days. Severe cases caused by bacteria may be treated with antibiotics.

Gargle with double-strength tea every 2 hours.

OTC pain relievers.

Extra fluids.


OAK BARK has natural astringent properties and can help reduce inflammation. It can be taken in tincture or gargle form.

MARSHMALLOW LEAF will alleviate irritation in the mouth and throat. It can be taken in pill or tincture form.

MULLEIN FLOWER has been used for centuries in Europe as a symptomatic treatment for sore throats. Mullein Flower also acts as a mild expectorant, and is helpful to those with a cough or sore throat brought about by viral infection.

WARM SOAKS or hot baths will add moisture to the throat area and soothe irritation.


Strep throat is a contagious infection of the pharynx by the streptococcal bacteria, resulting in pain and inflammation.


Sore throat.

Pain with swallowing.



General ill feeling.

Appetite loss.

Ear pain, especially when swallowing.

Tender or swollen, red glands in the neck.

Tonsil swelling, redness, and infection.


Strep throat is caused by person to person contact with an infected individual. Streptococcal bacteria can be transmitted through saliva and nasal secretions through coughing, sneezing, and touching


Antibiotic treatment is given to patients with serious Strep infections, especially those that have spread to the ears or nose. With antibiotics, even the most serious of cases is curable in 10-14 days. Over-the-counter pain medication may be given for fever and inflammation every four hours.


A COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER will put more moisture in the air, making sticky, dry, irritated throats feel better.

WARM SOAKS will soothe throat pain as well, and reduce inflammation to glands.

SAGE or ARNICA FLOWER, taken in pill or tincture form, will reduce inflammation in the throat and ear areas.

GARLIC is particularly effective in those whose infection as spread.


Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils and lymph glands located near the back of the throat. It is most commonly seen in small children, though it can be suffered by persons of any age.


Throat pain.

Ear pain.



Swollen lymph glands on sides of jaw.


Tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial or viral infection which targets the tonsil area. Viral tonsillitis can spread through schools and day cares in short periods of time. Bacterial tonsillitis develops when an infection in another area of the body spreads.


Spontaneous recovery occurs in many patients without treatment. Small children or those with severe bacterial infections are treated to a 10-day course of antibiotics. If repeated Tonsillitis occurs, surgery is recommended.


GARLIC is a natural antibiotic and works well on those suffering bacterial infections.

BILBERRY FRUIT is helpful in treating minor sore throat pain and mild inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

CHAMOMILE, taken in tincture form, will soothe pain and reduce swelling.


Sore throats can have a multitude of causes including:

Dry air.


Runny nose.


Most sore throats respond well to added moisture. Add moisture to the air using a humidifier or by taking warm baths. Warm compresses applied to the neck, throat and shoulder area are also beneficial. Drinking extra fluids will also soothe pain.


Most sore throat are self-limiting and will heal on their own with added moisture and rest. Some sore throats, however, require prompt medical attention, especially if the patient is a young child or older adult. The following symptoms should be checked by a health care provider:

Breathing difficulty.

Fever 102-degrees or above.

Bloody sputum.

Skin rash.

Dark urine.

Excessive vomiting.

Light headedness.


Chest pain.


Severe headache.

Visible lump in mouth or throat.

No improvement after 3 days of rest and treatment.

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