Southern Gardening Tips

Tips for southern gardening: Learn the flowers that thrive well in the south

Dry heat. Drought. Triple digit temperatures. Summers in the south can really take their toll on plantlife. But you desperately want a beautifully flourished garden. the first step is to know which plants will work well in your area.

Below I've listed five of the best beautiful flowers perfect for Southern gardens.

Freesia- My personal favorite, these wonderfully fragrant flowers grow in many colors with wiry stems and miny gladiolus-like leaves. they make excellentcut flowers. You may also grow these inside as houseplants. When foilage dies down in fall, withhold water. In cold winters, lift and store bulbs in a frost-free place or grow in pots in a sunny window. If faded flowers aren't removed, they will self-sow.

Sweet Alyssum- these dainty, spreading plants are covered with clusters of small, sweet-smelling flowers. Bees love them. they sometimes come as part of wildflower seed packs. Flowers itself in warm winter climates. These work best in cooler areas so plant in shade for more vibrant colors.

Baby Cole Blanket Flower- These perennials are famous for their showy, often bicolored, daisy-like flowers. they are easy to grow and will tolerate some drought and bloom for several months. Also make excellent cut flowers or for use in borders. They need a lot of sun and well-drained soils.

Red Valarian- These tolerate drought well. The dense clusters of small fragrant read or white flowers are late summer bloomers that love well-drained soils. Make excellent cut flowers. Best on dry slopes, banks or walls so it can naturalize.

Beardtongue- Very colorful, vary in size, great for attracting hummingbirds. Need full sun and fast drainage. Usually live 3 to 4 years but will often die if soil contains too much water.

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