Southern Sayings

Several translations of southern sayings. The south has its own charm and its own version of English.

The south has its own charm and its own version of English. This couldn't be truer. Where else would you hear phrase such as "She's as cute as a bug in a rug!" "He was all over that like white on rice!" or the famous "Ya'll give a hollar!". It's a fact that many southern sayings can be confusing but they are colorful as well as comical. However the "average" person doesn't realize this until they visit one of the beautiful southern states. Many common similes and metaphors might not be understood by those not of southern descent. Included here are some unique and occasionally funny phrases with a brief description of how they could be used in everyday conversation. One should keep in mind; appropriate facial expression and a southern accent are important for obtaining the desired effect.

An expression to use if startled or shocked by perhaps the sudden honking of a car's horn you could say with eyes very wide - "That put a quiver in my liver!"

In order to express awe by some occurrence, perhaps by winning the lottery, you should say with a huge smile - "Well pick my peas!"

To tell someone not to let life's problems get him or her down you could shrug and say- "Let it roll off you like water off a duck's back".

To describe an extremely vocal disagreement scowl and say with a slight growl - "We went to fist city!"

To express a deep fondness smile gently and say - "We get along like a house on fire!"

If someone has had one to many drinks, nod slightly and whisper - "He's three sheets to the wind."

In order to describe a child or a pet that has excessive energy, chuckle and say - "She's wound up tighter than an eight day clock."

To graphically portray a hard rain or downpour, nonchalantly say - "It came a gullywusher"

If someone grabs the last piece of fried chicken, laugh and say - "She jumped on that like a duck on a June bug!"

When someone is a spoilsport or a wet blanket frown and say - "She clouded up and rained all over my parade."

When somebody doesn't seem to comprehend an important point a simple way to express this is to shrug and sigh then say - "He can't see the forest for the trees."

To imply an aversion to spiders shiver and say - "They give me the heebies!"

After a hard day at work sigh and say - "I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet."

A small child with a dirty face might earn the comment - "He looks like he has been suckin' a sow!"

An extremely stubborn person would be described as - "He'd argue with a fence post!"

To flatter a sweet little girl pat her head and say - "She's a sweet little heifer."

As this same little girl grows up she might receive the compliment - "She's as pretty as two pigs in a poke!"

Even in the south there is occasional times of being overloaded or overworked, when this happens simply say - "I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off!"

When a teenager decides to ask his father for a brand new car his mother would reply with disbelief on her face - "You don't have a snow balls chance in hell, son!"

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