Speaking And Thinking Negatively In A Relationship

Speaking and thinking negatively in a relationship. For personal and spiritual growth in a relationship, break your old habits of negative thinking and speaking. I think it is very common habit for people...

I think it is very common habit for people to lash out or speak negatively about or to their partners. Take a step back and say, "What do I want here? Do I want a loving relationship or do I want a drama filled relationship? Do I want a partnership or do I want a battleground?" Really get clear on what you want. Whenever we are doing anything that hurts another person, it's based in ego, not in who we really are. When we start accessing that aspect of ourselves, we show up differently. It requires that personal and spiritual growth element of recognizing why we are here. We are here to discover who is to master our relationship. If we just go forth unconsciously in a relationship, we are going to keep getting into testing relationships. If I am loving and kind in welcoming my husband home, he is going to respond more kindly to me. I think the hardest part is breaking the negative habits we have been doing and were possibly raised on.

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