What Special Care Do Fruit Trees Require?

What special care do fruit trees require? Caring for a fruit tree requires much more care than a regular tree, especially if the fruit is to be eaten. When asked the question "What special care do fruit...

When asked the question "What special care do fruit trees require?", our panel of top experts from Greenview Landscaping including Johanna who has been a landscape designer with the company since 2002, Ben who is a landscape design/build manager, and Tom who serves as the company's maintenance manager, replies, "They require a lot of extra pruning and extra insect and disease control, especially if you are growing something for edible fruit. They do require a lot more care as far as chemical control to keep insects and stuff out of the fruit. They have to be pruned so there is more open air movement throughout. There are a lot of chemicals that may be used on regular trees that you cannot use on fruit bearing trees because of the edible fruit." This also goes for shrubs that are meant for fruit production.

The panel of experts goes on to say, "For the most part, if you have a fruit tree, then you're going to have problems with bugs. If you have apples, then you're going to have worms and those kinds of things. It's not going to be like the orchard where we are going to get the nice clean fruit." One option that is available is to implement "Organic farming (methods that) just use organic materials and not actual chemicals. They use traps in the trees for insects that are baited with different items that attract the insects." There are many options available for insect control, disease prevention and other common issues that plague fruit trees. This information is available through internet research, how-to books and other publications. If you are going to attempt to use Organic Farming techniques with your fruit trees, it may be in your best interest to contact an appropriate association for help. Many states have organizations just for the purpose of making advancements in Organic Farming and in turn, educating the public about them.

Pruning a fruit bearing tree or shrub is a whole other "special care" area that needs to be learned in order to create edible, healthy fruit. If it is done wrong, it can not only destroy the current year's crop, but make it difficult for the tree to produce for many years to come. Once again, the specific techniques that you use depend upon the individual type of tree. If you are a novice, it is strongly suggested that you hire a professional to do the pruning until you gain the skills that are necessary to do it right.

The panel of experts could not be more right when they say that you should take into consideration all of the special care that fruit trees require before trying to cultivate them because, "It's difficult and a lot of work and you have to really know what you are doing as far as pruning and the chemical aspect of it." A slip up could cause the tree or shrub itself to stop producing fruit by damaging it beyond the point of being brought back and, being that you will be eating what it produces, any kind of chemical mistake could also mean your health suffering as well.

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